Lloyd Banks Announces Cold Corner 3

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Coldest Winter.

Banko continues to flood the game with more new music. While performing at the Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub in Cambridge, MA, he revealed he will be releasing the third installment of his Cold Corner series in a couple of weeks. Bundle up.


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  • S7

    Yes!! More music from banks…hopefully he keeps this up.

  • weedhead

    Banks is the shit

  • Devante

    Nigga no one even heard ya recent mixtape

    • mike

      The fuck u mean noone listened to his recent tape, I bump that shit errday mixtape of the year, obv ur a noone banks all day plk, this is how a rapper shud rap

      • Devante

        Your the only one.. I haven’t heard anyone mention his name outside the Internet in 5 years

  • DjFreakyTy09

    Good shit!!!!!! Banks always been my favorite out of the Unit the cold corner 2 and V6 mixtapes are both banger including this recent one F.N.O mixtape dude is so underrated the PLK is back niggaz!!!!!

  • Bigreek Ray

    nigga need a real team behind him help push him too the top50cent care only about 50cents.

  • bumpy johnson

    cold corner 2 was classic … that no love joint straight crack ……..

  • Neal

    Finally some official music BANKS is 1 of the best


  • Goodness Gracious

    that’s what he said last time before he decided not to release it…and whats with “flood the game with more music” He released one mixtape within the past year FNO……FOH

  • Ten

    There’s a damage in plk, and banks is cleaning it up. No mixtape here.

  • DaGhostJS1023

    STFU yall motherfucker no nothing about rap, you guys allways sucking the shit out of the industry singers cause hey not rappers. 50 CENT is successful as fuck how is he trash shut the fuck up and BANKS IS FIRE ALWAYS WAS FIRE ALWAYS WILL BE FIRE yall niggas be blind HE KNOW EXACTLY WTF HE DOING MAKING YALL MAD MAKING FIRE ASS MUSIC FUCKING BITCHES AND FUCK CAKIN MONEY BITCH ASS NIGGAS PLK