Rihanna “Diamonds” At 2013 AMAs



Men lie, women like, Rihanna’s #s don’t. This evening, Ri Ri was honored the AMA’s first Iconic Award and graced the stage for her ┬ásingle, “Diamonds”. Afterwards, she received her award from her mother and even got a message from Hov. Congrats, Ri Ri.

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  • Name

    Rihanna looks and sounds stupid

  • smh

    icon award? more like I CON award BITCH you CAN’T siiiiiinnnnnnnnnnng smgdh that’s why an award is meaningless nowadays even Timberlake was like ehhhhhh getting nominated and winning an award in every genre with one album

  • Ten

    That’s why it is called a show. Because people who does sing are not allowed to sing and people do lip sync for them to give everyone privacy. There is such a thing called contract you know. The point is, the material is wow so it’s worth it. The world is not such a safe place for everyone who’s good in singing you know..like what happened to Jessica Sanchez in American Idol, I real ugly one is singing next to her like a demon. Nobody wants to experience that, and we all know that’s gonna happen.