• areal1

    B dot never miss a opportunity to slob hovs nuts like you just went on revolt and said basically everything everybody already knew

  • You know I mentioned this to you on Twitter when you first posted the story about “Jeezy signing to ROC Nation”, but isn’t it almost irresponsible of a journalist (and i respect your stance that your a journalist and not just a blogger) to basically speculate on something and camouflage it as a FACT? I mean REVOLT seemingly brought you on to clarify the details and talk about what it means, and you really didnt do that at all. I mean i get it your working with the info you have, but what you have isnt realy much. When the interviewer asked you tuff questions you kinda just yea yea’d him, instead of acknowledging, you know what this whole thing is kinda murky and its somewhat a trend nowadays with label situations (MIA anybody?). ROC nation sent out a picture and a caption to generate hype, that’s their right to do, you guys dont have to run with it though and turn it into a statement like JEEZY SIGNS TO ROC NATION, i mean singing on as management is very different then being signed to the label, you and I and many informed readers understand that, but most dont. I see now that you went back and clarified that on the original post, but it wasn’t there initially. I just worry that your basically setting the precedent that an interesting IG photo has become the new press release.

  • B.Dot is a herb

    B.Dot purpose was what? He offered no insight on the deal or extent of the merger!!!! Nigga basically read the blog post and repeated himself for an extra 2 mins……Journalsim??? Nigga said he was surprise the deal got done cuz Jeezy and Hov both tour a lot like phones and emails don’t exsist lmao

  • B.Dot is a herb

    Nowadays niggas only care about is the “look” they get and have no self-dignity will go on a public forum and just speculate with no journalistic professionalism smh

  • kanye west

    b dot is a blogger

  • Ten

    Sign it Yelawolf. -Tanya Louise.