• Word

    This was tremendously gay. Wow.

  • brza


  • Chronic

    Hahahaha, shit should win video of the year just to piss kanye off. If he was mad at jimmy kimmel for making a spoof of his interview I can only imagine his reaction to this.

  • HeyBuddy

    Other than both of them kissing… This video is FKN funny as shit!!!! I said it before on the original video post, Kim K makes some of the most stupidest faces on the video an Seth fkn killed it! Shit is funny

  • jizzle

    …thought it would be funny…was kinda lame to me.

  • Seven mile and Murray

    Man this new Macklemore video is hella funny

  • t


  • Mr. Greezy

    this was better then the original, love to see talented comedians secure in their masculinity enough to pull this off, absolutely hilarious… 5 stars all day long !!!