Kanye West Confirms New Adidas Deal

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I’ma Be Bigger Than Walmart.

My Adidas! After rumors surfaced that Kanye left Nike, the “performance athlete” visited Angie Martinez this afternoon to confirm his new deal with Adidas and explained why he ended his ties with Nike. With Kim also by his side, they spoke on parenthood and more.

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  • SLimmy

    Soooo whatever happened to the FUCK CORPORATIONS thing??

  • hahahah

    Why he sitting with his arms up like he ready to do something lol

  • Musikal

    “I don’t give a fuck what type of jacket she got on.” Lol

  • Billow Baggins
  • Sebastian

    They are such an awkward couple.. Kanye’s talking about how amazing Kim is, how much he loves her, yet he doesn’t look at her once.. Man

  • 1234 5th

  • Gaz

    Hes such a contradiction, take your new slaves mentality and throw it away you idiot

  • HeyBuddy

    He always knows how to strike a cord. Kanye does deserve a lot of credit for things he’s done since he’s been in the music game that I think he doesn’t get credit for, but I hope this Adidas deal goes through the roof.

  • Neal
  • Micke

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  • EducatedBlkMan

    No one man is bigger than the machine, not Jordan and def not Kanye

  • J Whistles

    So will Adidas be making leather sweat pants now?