Kanye West Talks Upcoming Projects


Creative Genius.

The Christian Revolutionary Visionary a.k.a. Creative Genius visited Philly’s Power 99 last week. During his discussion, he spoke on wearing controversial confederate flag, paparazzi, Kendrick Lamar and more.

Ye also mentions although he and Jay have yet to record, they still plan to follow up on Watch The Throne 2, Yeezus, but juggling the idea on Cruel Winter. His main concern now is working on his clothing product.

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  • Mdot

    Kanye should stop doing press, he is getting mighty annoying now. #noonecares just come out with your product, he sounds repetitive and like an ultimate weirdo.

    Btw Mac diesel is gay as fuck

  • Chronic

    He can keep doing press but he needs to shut the fuck up about the fashion industry. If you’re such a creative genius just start your own company…if it’s good people will buy it

  • 2PAC

    He bout to tear shit down ,unless someone stops him..) ye done pissed off to many white billionares already….and charlamagnee haa

  • i commend yeezy for wanting to step into the Educational realm….cuz niggas need that more than balenciagas


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  • sdjkfk

    what kind of shitty morning show is this. most generic basic questions ever. cant wait for this breakfast club interview tomorrow where they wont be suckin dick the whole time