• Anthony


  • Dorron

    Terrible sample of a great song. I’m very disappointed.

  • GroovyQ

    I guess Dre suggested his steroids recipe to Bussa

  • 400_Degreez

    Love this record and video… this deserves radio play

  • Rene Okoli

    Very dope. – good record buss one of the best in the last ten years for you


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  • dodo


  • HeyBuddy

    I liked the song when it first came out. IMO it has that real NY hip hop sound, just what NY needs rt now especially with an all time great like Q-Tip and Busta. Video ok. Song even better.

  • greasydinnerplate

    The only thing this song does, is
    Validate q-tips return. …..

  • jizzle


  • Donn

    Smh waste of a great beat. Babbling about nothing. Kendrick would have murdered this with some meaningful bars and subject matter. Smh. Read the lyrics of the song and you’ll see their not talking about nothing

    • Jesse

      Not every hip hop song has “meaningful bars”, whatever that means to you. Speaking kendrick you ever listen to Rigamortus or Love Game. I doubt those songs have “meaningful bars” for you. Or how how about that song Kendrick did with 50 cent. Don’t get me wrong Kendrick is the illest right now in my opinion and Rigamortus is one of my favorite Kendrick tracks. Just saying you don;t have to type and post the first thing that come to your head.

      “Do you fools listen to music? or do you just skim through it” – Jay-Z


    Cool song, alright video.

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  • Billow Baggins
  • rell250

    Leaders of the New School

  • YeeZus


  • BMG™ Prodigy

    It’s just alright, Ye and Wayne were still pointless on this though.

  • John Jay

    Rosee Divine a une tete a faire du porno, competition is tough for so-called “models”

  • efuen

    If ur trying ever try and say “not as good as today’s rappers” that’s when ya lost. Dope beat, great verses. definitely a party song. This is thatmmusic ever one wishes would come back.