New Music: Papoose “Jive Ass Turkey (Trinidad Jame$ Diss)

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Turkey Anyone?

Pap hasn’t forgotten Trinidad Jame$’s recent comments. And not accepting his some-what apology, the self-claimed King of NY puts him on a platter plate with his new diss record.

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  • polopolo1


  • djdoit

    Haha! That took long enough. Trinidad is garbage and Maino proved he’s pussy.

  • LuckyP757

    not sure as to why people even post this clown nigga . any look for him is a good look and we call can agree pap is one of theeee worst rap niggas ever and him claiming he was the cause is big seans album selling poorly is as wild a claim as any . please, lets not give this nigga ANY Light !! and to top it off this record is TRASH

  • Sean Power

    wow that was bad yuk, you notice only time pap get posted is when dissing some one

    new york city this why you guys get no radio play weak shit like this

    • TheEast

      did u just say yuk? this why the game is full of fakes and fun-style dudes. go follow 2-teeth

  • CobraKing

    This Nigga has really dope flo. He killed big Sean with (First chain) he killed K-Dot with (Control) and now he killed this clown. New York

    • flo

      so Pap is eating? lol

    • GrownManWords

      Everything after “this nigga” was a lie. Nothing else to say.

  • I’m not sure how I feel about this!

  • reginald

    i didn’t even listen to this shit…This nigga got next –

  • @SxlxJxnes

    Jesus how the fuck does papoose get a spot on rap radar but y’all won’t play this shit??

    This is exactly why new york rap is represented the way it is.. I don’t understand.

    • everybody

      bc posting your shit on threads is MAD corny that’s why not to mention this shit is sack as fuck with no substance smh

  • mrlino79

    pappose u suck….makin urself look stupid…he still the only one talking bout he the king….you knoe how them crazy bums be on the corner talkin loud and craziness,u just let they crazy ass talk..same with papoose,,niggaz dont say shit when he claims to be king bcz hes that crazy bum you just let talk and live in his own world…he aint the king of shit….

  • cain45

    lol pap trying to get fame

  • Hiphop

    This diss is lame as f*ck! Pap saying james is a one hit wonder when he himself has no hits! Both these niggas are whack anyways

  • Wavpin

    not feeling this one ….

  • knickstape

    This dude Pap needs to chill with all these “Beef” records,he’s feeling some type of way now cuz’ some dude was speaking truth about NY rap…. Handle your business as its suppose to be handled and you wouldn’t have these new rappers talking truth about your city!

  • Your Father

    Okay, so dude dissed a dude for saying The South runs New York musically over a Southern sounding beat…I’m confused.

  • Billow Baggins

    Damn pappose looking desperate oh well….

  • Waldi

    What’s a papoose?

  • This shit light. Pappose is better than this lyrically.

  • GrownManWords

    Papoose is SO horrible. He is the most terrible “wannabe a good a rapper” that ever lived. What makes this nigga even disgustingly worse is that he is DEL-USIONAL. He’s like a dude who gets beat up and KTFO and still acts like he won after.

    This wack fuck is probably reading this right now like “this nigga a hater, I’m the KONY”. No Pap. The last time you were ANY good was with D.R. Period.

    Face it.

  • Rns

    The irony is that pap is dissing Trinidad James for saying what pap has been preaching for a while now. Look up pap’s latest interview with the breakfast club. It’s obvious he jus keeps making diss records for relevancy. The only time I see him posted on a website is when he’s dissing someone. Can’t pop w/o a nigga name in his mouth he should jus quit

  • Neal
  • Matt

    “for niggas who think they king, Stick you for ya life leave you dead lying next to the bling ”