New Music: Justin Timberlake Ft. J.Cole, A$AP Rocky & Pusha T “TKO (Black Friday Remix)”


Technical Knockout.

As Black Friday comes to a close, Justin Timberlake offers a three for one deal with J.Cole, A$AP Rocky and Pusha T. On the track, Jermaine addresses Kendrick’s “Control” verse while Pusha brings up album of the year talk.  The original track can be found on The 20/20 Experience (2 of 2) which you can download here.


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  • NoNoNav

    WOW Cole killed this

    • Hip Hop Kevin Bacon

      *Shakes head in agreement*

    • Sean Power

      yup nothing more need to be said

  • decisions,decisions

    Cole killing shit all year. 3 dope EP’s and a sick album. >>

    • DMV-P

      Respect … real talk. Dude’s always sleeping on Cole – Nas and Cole had the two dopest albums of 2012 and 2013

      • Realraptalk

        Why the fuck are you bringing up Nas. Fuck that nigga, he is old as fuck.

        • DMV-P

          Because just like Cole, Nasir got looked over for more b/s music when they both had the two best joints … dat all.

  • 400_Degreez

    All 3 of them brought their A-game… good shit

  • brza

    good record

  • OP

    and that goes for jermaine cole!!!

  • poetic assasin

    ASAP had no business being on this song – cole killed it, Push destroyed it with ease.

  • Sean Power

    J.cole just keeps put out great work and let his work speak no campaign no twitting no complain just no stop great work he best rap album year when take all hype and just focus on the music

  • tlox


  • nirusxhonda

    pusha t just crush the song half way through is verse but overall its a nice tune cole and asap went in too.

  • The Almighty

    Cole got this one

  • Wisedom

    Gotta love music.. J cole bodied it.. Best rapper out

  • Matthew Morgan

    Cole world….flow impeccable

  • Word

    Cole killed the Versace flow. Goddamn his verse was fire!

  • yeah

    die hard cole fan, love a$ap, and pusha is grimey. But coles going to be the reason this song is a big deal, i know drake is already on the album but he would have been a better fit to this thing, pusha went in right and i wasnt expecting something like “like i love you” but i thought it was going to be a little more “jt pusha t reunion type of feel” But i did like the way they used the beat of the outro, it really makes it sound like a rap song by its own, but i think the same thing about quite a few of the tracks tim did for both of the 20/20 albums, like they could have been some good potential hip hop songs, and i feel like tim gives his best beats to jay and justin 🙁 But dont get me wrong those are both unbeatable duos

  • ক্তshannon

    cole shouldnt have let this been his response im disappointed like come on cole he couldve went harder

    • Kombe Shibemba

      Agreed go hard or go home

    • intelligentsoul

      beef is a poor mans sport! if he would have made a seperate “diss” would have gotten play for a couple weeks tops. This way will have him on the radio till at least march…

  • J.cole killed it and he was the only one on topic also.

  • Fistacuffs

    A$AP is losing it.

    • LuckyP757

      makes me think though homie. did asap ever really have “it” or did he slip in at just the right time to where his bullshit raps were easily accepted

      • Chronic

        His album was dope, half of it were really good songs, which is good for nowadays. Just trying out a new style right now that really isn’t that good sounding, but still gotta respect guys who try sounding different instead of just stealing flows like most

  • Neal
    • Toni Strandman

      fuck you yet again for postin that video everywhere. aint nobody wanna see it… bitch

  • MassConglom

    Not bad A$AP’s verse was trash though. Now look at this video I edited for my Airbrushing homies.

  • ColeBlooded

    COLE is here to stay!!! You gotta put him in the conversation. No more “Kendrick or Drake” talk. Coley Cole better than them both!

  • real

    cole killed it… TRUE STORY!!!

  • DMV-P

    C’mon Son #EDLOVERVOICE. Cole, stop playing with these catz. That dude keep it on lock – #RESPECTRAWLYRICS #CONTENT #FLOW #CHARACTER

  • Rufus Buck

    I hit jump on A$AP. Straight to Pusha.

  • Realraptalk

    I am the biggest Cole fan there is, but he didn’t deliver for me on this one. All the rappers went straight weak on this song.

  • Buck Cannon ♏ #LAR

    All 3 smashed. If you saying Cole didn’t give a good response to Kendrick you should prolly really listen to that verse. Its not fully a response because he already in the conversation he just accepting the challenge and pretty much telling everybody to sit down and chill because that shit didnt phase him. He telling Kendrick that he ready for whatever.

    • oldbobcat

      You hit the nail on the head. That is exactly what he is saying.

  • Mr. Smith

    Asap sounds so out of place here. Should have just been Pusha and Cole.

  • Haann

    Cole responded perfectly with this verse. still wont stop all the kendrick vs drake debates but shows he still close behind them.

  • The Incredible Creation

    This chick (who works for VIBE) said; she didn’t like Cole’s verse but was promoting the new Gucci song moments before that.. smh | do these fools listen to music? or do they just skim through it? =/

  • LuckyP757

    asap loses me after 8 or so bars . he’s just not that good to be perfectly honest. cole, but motherfucking J COLE!! we head you loud and clear my nigga!!!

  • Chronic

    Cole murdered this, him and kendrick are the best right now

  • tessa

    pusha’s verse is 1, then comes cole then ASAP. ASAP started off nice to me but kind of faded… I think he is feeling himself too much at the moment and just like many before him will eventually talk about this time as being his weakest in terms of rap…give him time. Pusha has the No 1 album of the year period. I have Pusha’s, coles, wale’s and Drakes albums and Pusha is so consistent on the whole album he is himself throughout. I initially loved j coles album but ther e is some inconsistency in terms of him either paying homage or just straight copyin g the flows of about 45 rappers……his lyrics are on point but the album lacks cohesion unlike pusha’s and kendricks. J COle will make an album that will soar just has not made it yet. Drakes album grew on me, I didn’t rate it as much as Take Care at first but after giving it another listen I saw the genius in it and realise it is infact a better more grown version of Take Care. I like albums that I can play all the way through. Wale’s album is good in parts but I expected more from someone who I consider one of the best of this generation and even just one of the best full stop. There were too many so so songs and as I listen to the words deeply looking for meaning when someone is trying to convey some type of message, I felt his way of explaining things was a little off. In summary Pusha T’s album my name is my name is the best album of 2013.

  • tessa

    I meant 4 to 5 rappers NOT 45 rappers. (bit of an exaggeration there)

  • haann

    Everytime cole drops a verse everyone in the comment sections says hes the man, when drake drops a verse everyone shifts and says drakes the man, then when kendrick drops we all do the same thing. This is really the 3 best rappers of this generation this is the Bigge, Jay z and naz of our time, Kendrick, Drizzy and cole

    • Jinx

      Agreed. This is a a D**k Jumping Contest.

  • Raymond Samora

    Cole killed it! I still think @HustleVision version to TKO is better.


  • Damien Rome

    COLE COLE COLE COLE COLE ALL THIS KDOT DRAKE TALK I WAS WAITING FOR COLE TO SHUT SHIT DOWN. His next album will be the classic that Born Sinner wasnt.

  • Keev Fernando

    Justin Timberlake – TKO (Black Friday Remix) – Lyrics Video.

    TKO (Black Friday Remix)! Lyrics!!

  • Nick

    Niggas sayin Rocky lost it after 1 damn feature verse smh…

  • XOcrew

    Wow. banger. J Cole has been on point this year.

  • Adam Arsenal

    What’s the point of A$AP Rocky?

  • jojo

    Coley Cole

  • Chronic

    Anyone else think the lines where he used the Versace flow nights been kinda at drake a little.

  • 2 cents

    ASAP didnt come hard enough….He knows that..

  • brownskinz

    J cole responded by dissing himself?

  • Rap Zombie

    Okay I had to listen to this a few times. Cole obviously had the stand out verse. He really killed it, flip the Drake Versace flow, touched on Control and reaffirmed his self confidence. Dude is really an artist. I feel like if Roc Nation had a team like MMG, YMCMB, TDE, ETC. he would have a lot more fans.
    I digress, A$AP Rocky was saying some stuff but you really had to listen and his delivery mad it hard at times but he did his thing.
    Push held it down but I wasn’t impressed, he just did what he does and it was elite level Push.

  • lord

    People keep talking that drake and Kendrick battle, meanwhile j. cole subliminally sonned them both on this verse

  • eastpointvet

    im think all three had good verses. why does everybody have to pick out who the best instead of just enjoying the music?

  • Billow Baggins

    TKO shit was dope, should have got @ctbent2010 on it for the females point of view



  • Y’all buggin, ALL THREE VERSES was DOPE! Entire song is good on the ears. BUT if you want to technical, PUSH GOT THAT HANDS DOWN. SMH #TIMELESS

  • 4weeks

    Should have completely removed ASAP’s verse, and kept it Cole and Pusha. And actually, I’d like to hear Cole take Pusha’s verse too. He kills the first verse so much, it leaves you wanting more.

  • IM730

    I cant even front i bet JAY woulda killed this.. And he aint really got the best “feature” verses.. (dont get me wrong he got some nice ones) but I could here him comin after PUSHA and rippin it. But I dont know what any yall sayin COLE ASAP and PUSH did their thing.. Listen to asaps verse again… he kinda slipped alittle but brought it back.. Dope track.


    Rocky’s vers was actually good, why yall hating?


    Pusha-T is a serial Killer on this track tho!

  • Dom

    Cole ripped this
    Asap’s flow was crazy, multi’s flying everywhere. Chill with all that “fell off” talk. After that “get off my dick” part he was going off. Smh
    Not above Cole though. Deff not.

  • John

    Asap was Beast

  • Nigel Uno
  • Capuccino

    i vibe to j coles verse on this everyday, just stop it b4 asap, and respect to push, but coles punchin his ticket to canton #HOF #OG