• YoungBitchNigga

    fuck this makes me laugh i love it.

  • NoHomothough

    i can’t believe garbage ass rapper net worth is 23million but i can’t hate on Hustle.

  • majormar

    He should find something to invest in…. nobody digs ya music lil homie

  • Sonny

    Wow this is unlistenable, this is trash in it’s purest form. That bonnie and clyde shit. what the fuck soulja. Nigga you should be givin me money for me even takin the time to listen to this shit.

  • MassConglom

    Dis dude just does not have no substance, I’d rather listen to Lil B’s silly mixtapes,lol. Now look at this video I edited for my Airbrush homies. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2IIbppdGAHA

  • iknow

    yall post this but Haystak and Jellyroll just dropped an album of greatness.Buisness as Usual. .lol. your killin me rap radar. riff raff aint even on this joint.

  • brza

    this is so bad it’s embarrassing lol I can’t even

  • Stef Mazy


    My first beat. Feel free to use it :d

  • Chronic

    I made a commitment to not listen to soulja boy anymore about a year ago…still makes zero sense to me why you’re gonna post his stupid ass shit and ignore a lot of other talent. I mean shit, half the stuff you guys post is taken from worldstar or 2dopeboyz, start taking the good up and comers and give them a chance instead of some dumbass who would still not be famous if it wasn’t for a song thats based off a dance move and “supermanning” hoes

    • Jah Rastafari


      Looking to our hip hop peers to enlighten us, not pollute our ears. Come on YN, B.Dot 97 No Payola, Big Homie, Gilligan Rap.Again..

      Ya guys stop eating ThxGiving leftovers & post some real music. Besides, yo leftoverz all filled with carbs and ya sitting down ass bloggers only getting fatter by typing all day. At least type up some healthy music for us to get nourishment from..


      The Innernet

  • JiGgA>>>>>>

    how much this wack nigga pay u to post this

  • The Incredible Creation

    Gosh, Interscope or somebody must be payin TOP DOLLAR for these posts lol I didn’t even click play but here’s something for you guys’ suffering smh.. https://soundcloud.com/too-many-fuckin-rappers/sets/too-many-fuckin-rappers-vol-1 ..lets get some Neiva & Milly on RR

  • Billow Baggins
  • Suwuuuu

    On that trap shit KING SOULJA!!!!

  • mjtraww

    Ehh cuda been better I am mean dat wit a burn heart no homo but plies did.the same stuff jus getting more respect for it doe