New Video: Travi$ Scott x A$AP Ferg “Uptown”


Uptown Baby.

Directed by Travi$ himself, we step into his dark twisted fantasy in this 8 minute video featuring A$AP Ferg. The motion picture is in support of Scott’s Owl Pharaoh mixtape.

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  • is a herb

    I swear I can’t wait for this Art school rap shit is done. I just watched two goons run up in a bodega and knock over paper towels. It’s been awhile now y’all “creative-types” had your fun with rap but now it’s time for that street shit to come back. Y’all emo ass niggas can go through y’all angst in private now. Real question Kanye rip this nigga style or this nigga rip Kanye? I truly don’t know but both have the same flow and delivery now.

    • the_don

      Stop crying niga… its a new world order get wit it or move along

      • is a herb

        You’re right I need to quit crying. Blogs will make it look like these emo niggas are winning but they’re really not. Other then Kanye and Kendrick emo niggas don’t move numbers. Street rap still do numbers and run the industry but don’t really seem like it cuz the street rappers songs sound like stripper/pop music. But what comes around, goes around. Just like niggas sayin NY don’t run shit but other than Dre/Iovine on the West NY niggas run the industry. Jay Z for example got his hand in all these non-NY rappers pockets.

    • polopolo1

      lol the street shit aint comin back son R.I.P this is hipster ERA. Generation Y, although u got niggas like schoolboy q who have been able to mesh the street shit with it but non the less like i said, hipster era. niggas be hipsters and dont even know it

  • is a herb

    Opening scene look like when Pookie was going through his trials and tribulation in New Jack. But what happen to HIp Hop journalism? How come nobody is checking these niggas for running around with the same flow? I remember when rappers were put to shame for sounding the same….

  • The Incredible Creation

    hmmm. pretty decent…. *shrugs*

  • jit 305

    niggaz dont listen to this shit only crakkkers

  • NativeKing

    too bad it’s trashy, same ole, no point trap music…


    niggas try mad hard to be artistic…

  • Billow Baggins