Adidas Addresses Kanye West Deal


Adidas Got The Answers.

After his fall out with Nike, Kanye confirmed last week about his partnership with Adidas. Today, the brand released an official statement regarding their union. Says Adidas:

“For 2014, we welcome to the adidas family one of the most influential cultural icons of this generation, Kanye West. Well known for breaking boundaries across music, film and design and partnering with our history in street wear culture and leading innovations in sport, we look forward to creating a new chapter. Details to follow.”


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  • Sun Zoo

    Adidas is the first to embrace Hip-Hop wholeheartedly. It’s only right.

  • KayandGee

    hope they dont marginize him too

    • Sean Power

      they give royalist so his happy don’t buy kanye hype about its because of creativity it was about the money

  • Billow Baggins

    wonder what the adeezys is gonna look like

  • Ken Golden

    if he doesn’t come out w/ a new Yeezy-mix of “My Adidas”

  • Toddbeee

    put up the only fake pair of reds thou . . . . lmfao

  • Static

    run dmc paved the way thank them kanye..

    • sojournerdrew

      That man don’t have to thank no one. If Run DMC paved the way, by buying hella Adidas then so did a lot of other rappers. Gettin an endorsement versus partnering with a company are two different things. Their gonna let this dude design a line and he’s gonna get paid like Jeremy Scott for doing so. Not like RUN DMC.

      • Static

        Adidas was first official shoe of hip hop… think about it so yes run dmc opened doors and russel simmons his brother…think. think. its business and someone opened that door for him he didnt just walk in himself in his jordans… and kilt.

  • Nathaniel

    get’em, ye. he pushin’ forward, step by step. i’m glad to see it.

  • Sean Power

    let see how the the sells go with the nike machine back them up

    let see if the yeezus are really big than the Jordan,s I wonder if ninke will drop the red October the same day as his 1st adadas shoes they do own the right lol

    • Guillermo Junior

      i dont think they can release them without his consent unless they give him a huge buy out

      • Sean Power

        i;m sure nike owns the right to that design, why do you think he has ask them when there coming out

  • srucker

    niggaz dont wear adidas..cmon now..

    • You buggin. Shelltops all-time CLASSIC & these recent designs are wavy.

    • FOLK103

      you trippin niggaz definitely do

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    That’s rad! The reason Kanye is so mad is because you can get ‘Super Perfect’ Yeezys from China and that happened before Ye could successfully and accessibly bloom his design.

    • FOLK103

      no nike playin him

  • John7532

    if they let jeremy scott put bears on shoes lmao. Imagine what Kanye going to do.

  • DJCognac

    its only right. ADIDAS knows best. them Red Octobers IS fire!!! Shame on Nike for not having a release date. Tell DONDA to holla at me man!