Drake Previews Aaliyah Track


Baby Girl?

It’s been a minute since we last heard of that ‘posthumous album‘ Aaliyah album that Drizzy was working on. But during some down time on the tour bus, Drake teasedĀ hisĀ IG followers last night with an unknown track featuring vocals from the late singer. Wonder what Timbaland thinks.


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  • Gipan95

    They need to hurry up and push that out. And Drake better not be crying on most of the tracks.

    • HeyBuddy

      Lol crying. Does he cry on tracks though? Lol ahh shit.

  • PeanutHeadShawty

    drake the type of nigga to look for a personality category on porn sites

  • Hussle

    as mad as it makes people, im pretty sure drake would make sure he delivers some quality Aaliyah tracks!!! Honestly…yall think Timbo still makes hot beats? no hate…

    • Ben

      Did you hear magna carter?

      • ThaRealHater

        magnacarta was a decent album aside from the hype. Having said that, give me one rnb beat off of magnacarta you could use to supportive timbalands relevancy in todays music when compared to Aaliyah? Exactly. and btw, the beats on magnacarta arent that great nor are they to be compared to anything rnb hes attempted in the past few years.

        • SpaceGhost

          sorry….Magna Carta was dope as hell and yes, Timbo spazzed and made tracks that didn’t even sound like normal Timbaland music. With that said, I’m sure Drake and more so, 40 did some mellow cool stuff fir her, BUT, you must be on something if you think Drake and 40’s one trick Pony sound can compare to Timbaland’s VARIETY of sounds. Hov’s album was clealry better than Drake’s and please……don’t make me bring Kendrick into this.

        • Ben

          He just did the 20/20 JT album

    • Z. Hughes Ent.

      @Hussle:disqus Did you listen to the beats on 20/20 experience? Hot as hell. The instrumental for Suit and Tie is ridiculous. And the instrumental for the TKO Remix is bananas! Timbo still has heat. And what about the instrumental for Know Bout Me. Sick as usual. Great year for Timbaland.

  • Shan Tha Man

    Sounds horrible.

  • Shan Tha Man

    Sounds horrible

  • Billow Baggins
  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    That’s so dope! I like the rumble of the vehicle with the snare, check out this Dreamy Rap Mix ft. Drake: http://www.mixcloud.com/djmailerdaemon2/dj-mailer-daemon-dreamy-rap-mix-01-ready-for-xmas/