Mac Miller Announces ‘Live From Space’ LP

live from space

We Have Lift Off.

Before the end of the year, Mac Miller plans to take us out of this world with a new album. Last night, he announced via Twitter, his Live From Space will drop December 17. Pre-order it on iTunes now.

On december 17 i am releasing an album #livefromspace. the album will be a live album. #livefromspace. the album will contain performances from all over the country while on The Space Migration #livefromspace. the album will also contain 5 bonus cuts of songs that didn’t make WMWTSO #livefromspace. all of the live performances were myself with The Internet @intanetz #livefromspace

1. S.D.S. (Live)
2. The Star Room / Killin’ Time (Live)
3. BDE (Best Day Ever) [Live]
4. Bird Call (Live)
5. Watching Movies (Live)
6. REMember (Live)
7. The Question (Live)
8. Objects in the Mirror (Live)
9. Youforia (Live)
10. Eggs Aisle
11. Earth (feat. Future)
12. Life
13. Black Bush
14. In the Morning (feat. Syd & Thundercat)

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  • The Incredible Creation


    • wellsfool


      • The Incredible Creation

        We are quite aware of this, but is that a reason for us not to try? Are u proud of not listening? We do it in hopes of someone giving this young man a chance.. b/c if they did, they just might not like it.. we aren’t forcing anyone to listen.. we’re just trying to provide an opportunity and hopefully gain some new listeners for Milly

        • wellsfool

          I can respect that, enough to the point that I’ll take a listen as well.

          • The Incredible Creation

            WE really appreciate it… He works very hard but it’s a lot of bullshit out here on the net (as you can probably see) which overshadows the talented artists… shit, even this site posts a lot of wackness.. let us know what u think… if the music doesn’t move u maybe you might be interested in some of the merch he’s designed… if u fuck wit it, spread the word…

  • DVille972

    The Internet is also on Dallas rapper Jesse Is Heavyweight’s new tape 300KFever. I’ve been seeing them everywhere lately. S/O to Syd, Matt, Chris and Tay!! Feel Good is the shit.