New Music: Chamillionaire “H Town Legend”

h-town legend

Where Legends Are Made.

While bigging up his fellow Houston bredrens, Cham shows and proves why he’s among the greats from his city. Houston, we have a problem.

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  • H2Q

    Not bad. A lot of his ish sounds the same.

  • Sipan Kazaryan

    You already know this is gonna be on replay for a while. Dope freestyle. Koopa always killin’ it with them hooks too.. The ending is sickkkkkk also. Can’t hate on greatness.


    That isn’t a freestyle. lol. It’s written verse that’s been memorized… people always wanna say somethings a freestyle but women lie and men lie… I’d like to step toe to toe with you on a true freestyle but I’d probably roast you like a thanksgiving turkey! smh…

  • Billow Baggins

  • Justin Moss

    Cham killing it like always. As for the guy who said this ain’t a freestyle, how do you know? Are you in the studio with Chamillionaire? Don’t sit there and say something is not a freestyle unless you know for a fact it’s not a freestyle.

  • Jake

    Great freestyle! Cham never disappoints!!

  • Afig24

    Cham has a good flow but it’s that same flow and tone that starts to sound repetitive I think. He’s changed it up before such as in his internet nerd raps or his “Think Im crazy” song. I think we will see more diversity from him on his album so I cant blame him for staying in his comfort zone with these numerous freestyles. Lyrics have always been clever and real though.

  • The Incredible Creation

    its like come the fuck on bruh! shout out to Cham… and fuck all the other shit these guys link to their comments… have ya’ll not heard Milly?! WTF!!?/!

  • Davon.D
    you better recognize

  • nikeswoosh20

    Everyone show Cham the respect he deserves… He’s been doing his thing. Yall better watch out for this album Poison…

  • Davon Dicks

    just wait ..these gonna keep coming

  • The 256

    Very dope song, he always drops that fire every time he makes music

  • F14 ABE

    this is too dope! cham liked it. on top of that, he is NOT bragging, he is a legend!

  • F14 ABE

    he is a legend! thats not bragging that is just stating the truth like 2+2=4.

  • Santiago Jimmy Nieblas

    koopa has always been killin the game like always

  • ScrewHead281

    Man, his shit been goin hard for a long time, but his shit getting better on a whole new level

  • Ede O.

    H-Town legend. about to become a worldwide legend once Poison drops

  • BJLJ

    I liked how Chamillionaire poked the hornets nest a little bit. Sometimes you just gotta flex on em. Can’t nobody mess with Cham when it comes to this music.

  • Stephen T.

    Chamillionaire keep coming with fire! such a dope freestyle!

  • Juanmiguel

    Awesome freestyle. “I been trill you could listen to Bun and you could listen to Kirko it wouldn’t make you triller” haha

  • Billow Baggins
  • James Chamillitary Marlar

    WOW cham stay killing these freestyles, and this one is no different

  • Peter

    Chamillitary in the house! Its called freestyle because he used a beat from another artist..

  • Levent Mehmet

    Maaaaaan…Chamillionaire about to be running the game. Poison on the way!

  • Dios

    As always Cham’s killin’ it.

  • Billow Baggins
  • Don

    Dope freestyle

  • santiago nieblas

    a legend for sure