Drake Announces Air Jordan Deal


Air Drizzy.

Drake is now among the list of rappers getting into the footwear business. During his tour stop last night in Nike’s hometown of Portland, Oregon, Aubrey announced his partnership with the Jordan brand. Below are a few pics of his Air Jordan 10 and 12 Stingray packs.




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  • veesky

    Interesting timing with all the recent Kanye versus Nike business…

  • Hahdhrn

    HA this nigga!! Nike need to look good seeing a ye is blasting em everyday day in every radio station around the world

    Makes sense on nike’s part cause they’re a huge brand within the culture but they could have picked somebody better, let’s be honest nobody but teenage girls and faggots (as in losers/idiots not homosexuals) would want to buy anything to do with drake

    • Murdered out

      Hater to the teeth. The colourways are clean. You’re a clown if you think ppl only want it for the name. wackass

    • GreenBergs

      i don’t support these at all, but who else should nike have “picked” that is more popular amongst the youth??…

  • Douglas

    Drakes fashion is always questionable to normal grown men. I’m not sure about this move. They should of stayed with Kanye’s crazy ass.

    • ColeWorld

      Yeah because wearing kilts and weird masks is whats popping

      • smh

        drake eventually gonna have to do something to call attention… hes soon to be on his 4th album, wat else is he gonna rap about and sing? how much more melodies can he really kick? so i expect to see him have his own meltdown soon…

    • Pac

      Thank God Drake is well grounded & doesnt need to make meltdown to get noticed + he’s regular guy & just being himself whether you like or not. Kanye doesnt even know ‘the term business’ he should respect people that he wanna work with including their decisions

      • basedgenie

        so what you’re saying is that even though he’s a multimillionaire, and has more money than you and drake put together, he doesn’t know what “the term business” (by the way it should be the term “business”)?

        Also Kanye’s whole issue with Nike was the fact that they were NOT doing proper business with him by not giving him royalties for a shoe he designed.

        I’m not claiming I know a lot of business….but facts are facts cuzzzzz

        • REALLY23

          Kanye knows business, but he’s rubbed the entire industry wrong…

    • smh

      i agree!

    • YB798

      It was Kanye’s decision to end his contract with Nike. Kanye is now with Adidas. Drake made a great decision in signing with Nike and Air Jordan.

      • Douglas

        no it wasn’t. Nike wouldn’t drop his show which he designed from scratch. This Drake deal appears to be some more retros with OVO on it… easy check for Drake but nothing new

        • Justin TimberBAKED

          They actually offered him an office and a deal, but that deal didn’t include any royalties so he turned em down.

          • Douglas

            I would of turned it down too. Kanye’s shoe was/is an original design with a high demand. He would be dumb to sign that deal with no royalties.

    • The Prophet

      I never thought Drake had a unique or noticeable style in terms of fashion. These kicks are unimpressive and if they cost any dime more than the retail price for regular 10’s or 12’s then they were a waste of time making.

  • KenethKaniff

    kanye is HEATED right now lol

  • ualreadyknoo

    Drake isnt half as impactful as a Kanye as far as fashion goes. RemembuhH!! And just wht we needed more retros… Big ups to him tho

  • TimeChange

    Nike’s statement to Kanye: “you’re replaceable”
    Now kanye has to show N prove with his adidas deal,why nike just made a mistake.

    • yeah

      Best comment on here. Drizzy dont run aound with a creative genius hat on and he connects more with people than he does with design and creativity. Shit i dont even hafta explain it, we know were talkin bout 2 different brains. What im saying is, its gonna take WAYY more than his name or the ovo owl on a pair of retros to even start to measure up to what the yeezys meant. Now what they’ll “do” or sell is another story. Those shits will sell out even if its just an ovo logo on a chris paul joint, which for the love of God doesnt need to happen. Take it that drizzy is in my top 3 that ive got to grow up and see flourish in the game, and i cant help but be happy for every way dudes succeeding but with such a predicament of “one” or “the 1” most important cultural figures in hip hop or music in general as he likes to say, leaves this outlet of giving the world these products and moments of culture, there’s a bar set. And if the contractual situations are similar to what they gave ye, it doesn’t seem like the greatest situation to begin with. So im not gonna bash drizzy bout this, im just saying he needs to step up his creativity and design level if hes going to be in ye’s shadow. Good luck with them royalties homie.

  • inthestudyo

    This is a good look for drake. Sneaker heads are going to up sale the eff out of these

  • PeanutHeadShawty

    rumor has it that when u tap your feet together when wearing these your ex comes back to you

  • Maestrosik

    For all the ppl on this comment section… Y’all do know that Jordan Shoe Company left Nike about 3-4 years ago …. Jordan is its own shoe company … Therefore Drake inked a deal with JORDAN not Nike/Jordan … For an example… Look up the Carmelo Anthony shoe… Kanye wants to be another Brand from Nike, which is a step bigger than being with Jordan.

    • ok

      air jordan is its own brand but still owned by nike inc.

      • Maestrosik

        True …. In all, Ye is trying be the next Air Jordan … Not sure if he is going to do it but he has potential …. Therefore there should be no animosity from Yezzy to Drizzy or to Nike … Drake signed to Jordan/nike and Ye wants to sign to Nike like Lebron, Kobe, and Jordan

  • Realistically

    These are classic.

  • C’mon

    Drake my nigg but he gotta know Portland ain’t the biggest Jordan fans considering they missed the pick and went with Sam Bowie

    • Mar-tian

      Nike’s headquarters are in Oregon

  • Adam Arsenal

    Fair play to Nike, they’ll always be bigger than Kanye. Pleased that Drake has got a deal. Those shoes will fly off the shelves. Kanye has to produced something special with Adidas now.

  • Billow Baggins

    All Artist in the philadelphia area hit up @samlans for video work for the low. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxHh0DJ1RnI&feature=youtu.be

  • Ian

    Kanye actually designed a whole shoe from scratch – his own creative vision from the ground up. These are just Jordans with the OVO logo stamped on it, nothing more than an obvious marketing decision on AIR Jordan’s part. And Kanye made his own shoe(s) for NIKE. Drake is with AIR Jordan. AIR Jordan isn’t Nike, it’s a sub-brand below Nike. Not trying to knock Drake in any way, dude’s gonna sign the cheque if it has enough zeroes in it. But there is a clear difference between the two – Drake stamped the OVO logo on an Air Jordan shoe, where as Kanye designed and created a NIKE shoe. Big difference.

    • haann

      Why are you comparing drake to kanye ? did he get up on stage and announce hes taking kanyes spot ? stop hating the man runs a NBA team and now has his own jordans which hell probably have his team wear. your acting like drake dissed kanye or something realx

      • Ian

        I’m “comparing” Drake and Kanye because every comment in this stupid ass comments page was about Kanye / Drake.. and still is. All I did was point out the obvious differences between the two, no need to catch feelings bruh.

      • Whatttt

        Drake runs an NBA team?

        • haann

          Global Ambassador of the Raptors

  • wow

    Wow… this just ethered Kanye. Like in a major way. How so you say? A nikka throws all those tantrums to explain his position {granted if people werent listening but is it really a surprise he is Kanye “rant” West} only to lightbulb all the other companies and now they see the $$$ potential. Cause honestly what has a bigger impact the Jordan brand or Adidas?

  • Musikal

    This is so unexpected.

  • hiphop_art

    Difference is that these are just colorways of retros. Kanye wants to actually design shoe models.

  • Haann

    Legendary shit, what other rapper has his own jordans ? This nigga is about to have His own NBA team playing in his very own ovo Jordans. and hes only be in the game 4-5 years……..

    • truth

      Eminem fool

  • Haann

    Only in hip hop can a man achieve such a great accomplishment like getting jordans designed in honor of him and his team and people still find a way to hate on it

  • EvenOdd

    Nike doesn’t want Kanye designing shoes. They have designers on staff that they can pay a lot less…not to mention they just keep recycling the same fucking designs and the same dumb ass people line up to buy them. More people feel better supporting Drake than Kanye’s ungrateful ass anyways.

    Good look for drake…Good look for Nike…lets just stamp some OVO shit on the bottom of the shoe, limit the production, and mark these fuckers up!

    • Justin TimberBAKED

      You’re crazy!!! If the Red Octobers dropped today people would be camping out for those. Ain’t nobody & I mean nobody, but chicks is actually gonna buy Es Drake shoes. They actually killing the retros adding OVO on em

  • DaJuan

    Clearly mugs have misunderstood Kanye the entire time. He wants to design and claim royalties for the impact he’s had with what he’s done for Nike. He desires a bigger piece of the pie.

    Drake has signed with the Jordan Brand which enables him to get custom pieces, such as the “Stingray Pack” displayed in this post. But hey who knows if they give him an actual shoe. I can’t dictate that.

    It’s just crazy how things turn out for others and Kanye is still fighting.

  • smh nike!

    this was the corniest move by nike
    first of all – who looks at drake for fashion
    2nd- those are just gonna b air jordans with ovo… really? how impactful can that really be? who cares about ovo?
    jordan brand is already established… nike missed out on kanye and the air yeezy which did jump over the jumpman… smh NIKE!!

  • Sean Power

    would made lot more sense if was some in to the shoe cultural like wale
    this just seems like power move by nike to of swing the pr that kanye is getting from his new deal putting ovo on jordans just seem like it’s bring down the value of he brand too me

    • haann

      How is putting an ovo sign on 10s and 12s devaluing the whole jordan brand ? Shut the fuck up forever you sound stupid


    lol that dude aint got nooooooooooo style at all …nike lost those jeezy where the shit and all those new jordans are ugly http://insite.bandcamp.com/

  • PeanutHeadShawty

    u can only clean your drake J’s with tears

  • Goodwill pu$$y

    nike doesn’t do drama queens and kanye and kim are too much drama….
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    -Damon Thomas 2000- 2004
    -Ray J March 2006 – February 2007
    -Reggie Bush May 2007 – March 2010
    -Bow Wow
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    -Shengo Deane April 2010
    -Miles Austin June 2010
    -Gabriel Aubry (only man smart enough to use Kim asz) November 2010
    -Kris Humphries November 2010 – April 2013
    -Kanye West March 2012

    • IamRealTalk-BdotLivesWithDad

      damn her body count is crazy

      and thats from what WE know

    • Justin TimberBAKED

      Messing with 12 people makes you a hoe? Smh that has to be the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard and if you look at that list, most of the men on there were her boyfriends. So she a hoe for sleeping with her boyfriends? Smh

  • nirusxhonda

    if that nigga drop air drizzy’s with that jordan brand backing him he will sell millions i think he should bring kanye in for some designing tips but this a good look for drake.

  • u aint do the education doe

    You have the answers drake!!!!! you don’t have the answers!!!!!!

  • RatherWearAdidasThanThese

    Kanye designed the Yeezys from scratch.
    Drake didnt design shit on the 10s or the 12s. He just told some dude at Nike to make one pair black and the other pair white. Ohh wowww, he’s so creative lmao These are 2 of the most simple colorways ever. Black and white? Nike could’ve hired anyone to do that. They must’ve been upset that kanye wasn’t afraid to turn up on them so they hired this dude out of spite. These will sell because the majority of drake fans are Hypeheads anyway but they won’t have an influence on the culture like the Yeezys. Nike just wants that check….ironic huh?

    • Abe6772

      So kanye would’ve changed the whole sneaker game ? You sound like a fan bro.

      • Justin TimberBAKED

        Kanye did kinda change the shoe game tho. What other rapper shoe had ppl going crazy like the Yeezys? The only shoes that’s poppin are Jordans, foams & Yeezys!

  • Abe6772

    Ugly, but they’ll sell.

  • REALLY23

    NEWSFLASH: Drake is the reason Kanye has been actin’ crazy, because he knows for an absolute fact that he won’t be able to out do him since the last two albums…

    • eg

      he sounds a bit jealous of drizzy in these last few interviews.. “it’s drake season” I dunno his tone just seemed a bit passive aggressive
      im a fan of Ye’s music but not his antics
      good for drake he seems like hes making all the right business moves as of late!

  • Observer

    Drake’s quest for ubiquity continues… Dude has been on a tear this year… Grammy, Fifa 14, Global Ambassador (whatever that means), Air Drizzy – Jordan Brand, NWTS, the stadium tour… Dude’s about to have his own NBA team playing in his own shoes lool… I like to poke fun at the dude sometime but he really did align himself with Hov and Puffy on how to get money…

  • Guillaume Pilon

    instead of doing retro with drizzy name on…why they dont give him his own shoe

  • GreenBergs

    its funny cuz nike/jordan really thinks this shit is gonna work out like the yeezy’s did, the yeezy’s are a once in a blue moon type thing happening, these ovo’s are 1) ugly as fuck 2) nothing different or outside the box at all creatively, and anyone who actually waits in line to buy these shits deserves to get robbed and beaten for em..


    they don’t look that bad actually….the Yeezy’s beat this on the overall design tip imo…lol…still cool nonetheless..

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  • Ason Frio

    selling point – “sole’s softer than drake’s”

  • SüdCroß

    So his keyboard loop with autotune “music” didn’t suck bad enough, he figured he needed to make some stupid sneakers. The losers that wear this stuff can’t afford it…I wonder how many people will be shot for them. LOL

  • Numerology

    Mike Air

  • Guy Jameson

    I can’t wait to wear these “Air Feelings”

  • AdamBergkvist

    Kanye and Drake should realease their shoes on the same date. Would be a great event.