Game On Arsenio


California Love.

It was tears of joy last night on Arsenio when Game invited his three-year-old daughter, Cali to the show. Aside from fatherhood, Game discussed his Robin Hood Project, partnering with Drake to pay $22,000 for an Ohio funeral, his grandmother’s love for his tattoos, 50 Cent, and new beef with a Trader Joe’s employee .


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  • The Incredible Creation

    He gettin her started early for stardom lol

  • LOL

    Game a real dude, call him bi-polar or whatever but dude isn’t a faker.

    • ColeWorld


      • Toni Strandman

        Hahah Game a real dude? I love Game’s music most of the time but I hate this dude as a person (from what I’ve seen and heard).

    • BillyBobJohn

      you obviously dont follow him on twitter or instagram

  • Billow Baggins
  • yea

    how come game’s 15 minutes aint up yet? what does he do now?
    and how come 50cent is no where to be seen?
    50cent gotta come back and start bullyin niggas

  • photoshop game

    his 15 minutes of fame is up……he may be “signed” to cash money but nobody knows what that “deal” is………..dude is played out with his gimmicks.
    the only time anyone shows him interest is when he mentions 50 cent and gunit.
    thats 8 years ago. dude was barely in the unit anyway.
    as far as game and buck goes….no matter what happened with 50…..a gunit reunion would be millions of dollars for both……..better than being with anybody else.
    game and buck dont mean money at all.
    TYGA giving game a cash money chain was a real low in games career……….

  • Jade Ashley

    I love how he doesn’t let his rap image over shadow the love he has for all three of his children, especially his daughter, it really is beautiful.