• Chris

    Y’all still sleepin


    I am a huge hip hop HEAD but I can’t get into stalley. he bores the shit outta me yo I want to like him too cause he’s the most “hip hop” out of all the whole MMG camp. I’ve listened through a lof of his shit and nothing grabbed me as exceptionally good. I think a lot of his popularity comes down to his image and the fact that he’s in MMG. If MMG dickriding kids are listening to this guy and reckon he’s amazing then they don’t know how much better hip hop is out there.

    just my opinion though not hatin’…….

  • Neal

    dopest dude on his label but yeah http://insite.bandcamp.com/

  • The Incredible Creation

    This was cool…. a lot of his popularity (with the women) is because of his beard.. then his affiliation with Ross & MMG.. some folks like him musically… he’s got some shit.. not “a lot” & I doubt that we’ll ever see an actual album in stores (via MMG) *lets be honest*

  • John Jay

    I like his movement, imagery, style, clothes etc…but when it comes down to sound, the album with Rashad was the best, before he was on the backpack-like tip, jazz beats, madlib etc. And the key is the music, not the high pitch voice which is at times annoying…but I support the grind though…

  • Billow Baggins