Redman Previews Muddy Waters 2

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Red Got The Keys.

With Josh in the building and his blunts lit, Reggie fired up the cam and previewed a few tracks off his upcoming tape, Muddy Waters 2. So far, so good.


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  • The Incredible Creation

    Sad that it has to be a “mixtape” instead of an actual album.. even sadder is that i’m sure it won’t sound anything like the first one… =( which throws off the point of it being a sequel but whatever.. i guess, we’ll see…

    • TeF

      The sequel shit is getting out of hand, to me it’s like lying for the sake of attention and marketing, and it’s corny. The Marshall Mathers LP 2 had zero to do with the first album conceptually, throw in a sequel song and a familiar skit and everything else on it besides Rap God was forgettable, MMLP was a fucking classic from beginning to end. Lil’ Kim is doing the same thing with Hardcore 2K13, I’m not sure if anything on it with sound or sell like Hardcore, but the name itself just means she wanted to boost the attention by calling it a “sequel” to her best album to date. It’s a trend now, and the only thing it’s good for is setting us up to say “well, that was nowhere near the classic that the original was” so why risk that?

      • The Incredible Creation

        man u hit it right on the head *pause* its really sad smh I guess we have the internet & all this technology to blame… & the game has drastically changed… a lot of these artists should have considered releasing these “sequels” yeeeaarrss ago, don’t wait until you’re washed up… I feel like Redman may still have the potential to come with the shit he did back in the day but he’s gotta get back into that formula a bit… Same with Busta Rhymes he’s about to drop the ELE 2 shit.. but i’m sure it won’t have the same feel… Only artist in the last few years to drop a sequel that compares to the first one was Raekwon… OB4CL 2 was decent and had a certain feel but these other muthafuckas have lost it clearly… the game done changed a whooolllee lot, sadly.. — lemme know what you think of this kid, Milly tho…

      • Rodoggy

        MMLP2 had like 2 forgettable songs. it was his best album overall since eminem show.

      • drewsmit24

        classic albums are a brand make people think they could be the same quality if this didnt say Muddy Waters we would bot be here

    • Mighty_mightyDR

      Word, its Chef Rae fault lol he dropped a gem with OB4CL 2 everybody tried to follow up


    time for some action

  • ITS ME

    lit* rapradar, get you’re grammar right… lmfao

    • NicoSWEBaby


  • hands

    purple rain on in the background. dope.

  • Static

    not a album make it a album shit that was dope… redman still got it. just times have changed.

  • MrSkeezyMak

    That white dude looks like the adult version of the kid from Dazed and Confused

  • brza

    lol “Josh” wtf

  • flo jo

    How the fuck is this remotely related to muddy waters?!?!?! Redman over trap beats?!?! Sad to realize that era’s not ever coming back. Damn shame

  • Chad Law

    This doesn’t sound anything memorable.

    • drewsmit24

      second track do! tryna appease to the south sound take a leason for action bronson and keep it east!

  • bcl187

    Dude this tape is dope!!! Purple song is dope!!

  • sun


  • Mr. Greezy

    on hit !

  • Ben

    Tight I missed this

  • LP1087

    sound like sup’m

  • stefmazy
  • Mahdy Mahd

    Redman still putting on 4 my city with true content about what he really does. Reggie don’t smoke no reggie. lol. #NWK4Eva

  • wei sheng

    we need that doc, thanks, peace!!!

  • wei sheng

    thanks for breathing life into the game reg, we need this, i don’t knock rappers for getting $ but i won’t support a wack mc neither

  • JM

    The question is, where’s e double? It can’t be called muddy waters 2 if it’s not a Def squad tape