• Peekay

    put the camera on a tripod FFS. shaky dog.

  • The Incredible Creation

    definitely wanna check out some full ’40 albums haven’t done that yet…. and he has soooo many… great interview tho….

  • t

    The Bay is in this muhfuckuh!!

  • EducatedBlkMan

    Mr Flamboyant, long live the Game

  • EducatedBlkMan

    I wonder if 40 knows how much him and the early 90’s Bay artist, were featured on SCREW Tapes, that’s why niggas from Houston is so playa.

  • brollya

    man i swear i need a radio station or be a radio host…. u can tell they aint hip to 40 old shit or new shit period…

  • The Almighty

    this guy is a Legend out here in Cali… been listening to 40 Water pretty much my whole life, talk about longevity

  • They asking him simple ass questions.. Seems like this interview was mostly for the person who doesn’t know about E-40 already.. I get it though, just wasn’t a favorite of mine. Been rocking with E-40 since the early 90’s

  • Ben

    RIP MAC DRE …..40 is the epiotmy of longevity and innovation. Plus he has CLASSICS!

  • This Isn’t Everybody but you’ll get the idea! #drgnation