Casey Veggies “LA Leakers” Freestyle

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1, 2, 3.

While visiting Justin Credible, DJ sourMILK, and Fuzz Fantab, Casey Veggies took to the mic and kicked a freestyle exclusive for the LA Leakers. His Fresh Veggies EP with Rockie Fresh coming soon.

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  • novakaine

    How does this nigga get any play he is hot garbage I’m doing this nigga favor by commenting on this post because his posts are like Koch records …graveyard…. via

    • The Incredible Creation

      Be a little bit more positive when spamming & wanting to check out the shit u are trying to promote… =/

      • Novakaine

        You get a 100 more times more views when you say something off the wall #coldworld

        • z7ra_Vv

          That shit was wack.
          Casey Veggies > Kr Mack

          • MackN

            We know deep down you really don’t mean that

    • K.


  • Sonny San

    Y’all can hate all you want,but you can’t deny that Casey got that flow.