New Video: SZA x 50 Cent “Teen Spirit (Remix)”


Smells Like It.

50’s back with new music and opens up TDE songstress, SZA’s steamy ballad with an accompanying visual. In other related news, Fif’s planning to release a “full body of work” next month.


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  • MyOpinionMeansMoreThanYours

    Track is hot and 50 actually sounds good. SZA

  • yessir

    this that 21 Questions flow √+

  • LOL

    it’s cool, but he needs to release a solo track and address the NY situation.

    • g unit fan

      waiting on that ANIMAL AMBITION tape……….

      heard good things about it……………………….

      real NY RAP.

      • GreenBergs

        lol i forgot this dude actually named his new tape that, i guess the mind really does push out unpleasant things because its a downright terrible name for a mixtape, album, anything, dude needs to be more creative and use his brain and not rely on his people around him…first it was hustler’s ambition now “animal” ambition, how original..

  • Guillaume Pilon


    i was about to fall asleep

    • TheGameTagerZ


  • Hussle

    50 needs to do what Em has been doing and listen to his old tapes

  • mrlino79

    50 cant make no come back…i didnt even listen to this shit…karmas a muthafka…..who wears gunit gear????whos rockin that 50 colonge???whos buying singles ????NO MUTHA FUKNBODY….he damn near put that whole album out and not one song hit…lmmfao….talkin all that big shit and he cant move no type of units….tell me im wrong

    • Diick

      you wrong. He still sold more copy’s then those ” Hot ” Rappers right now. He was just so big and now looks like he has nothing, Like the weeknd says ” The higher ima climb the harder Ima drop “

    • NicoSWEBaby

      You and a lot of Americans need to realise that USA is not the only country in the world. Why do you think Em and Fif is performing a lot more outside of USA? More money dumbo.

  • This Isn’t Everybody but you’ll get the idea!!! #drgnation


    If Fifty comes with that kind of flow and lyrics he will be back on top. I’ve noticed funny enough though, that Fifty always has some dope stuff when he’s doing stuff on other people’s songs. It’s like when he did the Remix to Riot by 2 Chainz, that jawn was hard. I look forward to his new stuff.


    50 cents worst vverse ever

  • Yo

    I hope 50 really puts that shit out in jan by the latest. Feenin for some newheat.

  • Corner Hustler

    Maplewood Represent?

  • PimpRhymes

    Fuk.oUT’a biShh}50voice

  • The Incredible Creation

    One of the best 2 verses from Curtis in awhile tho…

  • Vurbz Fenomeno

    i dont care what nobody says…50’s flows are timeless….the only reason why he’s not poppin’ anymore is strictly based off of karma for all the bullshit he’s done to ppls careers

  • Billow Baggins

    She’s hot and her flow is on point…. video is well done…. #untamedgang

  • Dwight Stewart

    this feels like a 50 feat. not a 50 song with a SZA feat. Still dope tho.