Jay Z Leads 2014 Grammy Nominations


The Winner Is Hov.

The 2014 Grammy nominations were announced last night and leading the pack is Jay Z with nine nods. Following close behind are Kendrick Lamar and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis with seven nominations. Both acts are for the top prize of Album Of The Year. Check out the full list here. Find out who wins January 26th.

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  • a

    Album of the year will go to Justin Timberlake. Best new artist of the year will be kendrick (northgang.com)

  • His best friend is a boyscout

    Awwwwww that’s cute

  • GreenBergs

    lollll thats because you literally can’t escape the fucking songs with jt singing “sipping through me cup till it runneth over”, i feel like ghetto stomping out a fucking cute little hamster every time i get in my car and turn on hot 97 or power 105.1 and have to hear a holy grail song, hop the FUCK off of jay z’s dick ALREADY NYC

  • Leon Sandcastle

    I know im going to disagree with some the winners, but if Kendrick Lamar doesn’t win album of the year with Good Kid, M.A.A.D City, i’m going to be pissed.

    • Leon Sandcastle

      *rap album of the year (not sure about album of the year, haven’t heard the others)

      • EDGE

        He is nominated for music album of the year too.

    • E G

      tough call I’m leaning towards mackelmore taking it because of how mainstream they are but critics looooved GKMC

  • Leon Sandcastle

    How the fizzuck did the Heist and Yeezus get nominated over Born Sinner?

    • jobie

      i expected yeezus because all thr critical acclaim, but macklemore really shouldnt be up there

      • LuckyP757

        macklemore will remain on EVERY “rap” list due to white privilege.

        • It’s Just Music

          the dude released an awesome album. it’s not my cup of tea either but shit give the guy some credit that he released a better rap album than “real rappers”

          • LuckyP757

            i strongly doubt that my good man. coles album was dope. Pushas too but to my understanding it missed the deadline for grammy nods. wales project was good. so that gives us, wale, cole, kendrick, drake and jay for nominations. who thinks of or voluntarily puts macklemore in ANY list?

          • It’s Just Music

            lets keep it 100 all fanboy shit aside.

            cole is a dope artist, but his second LP didnt showcase him properly. the album was AVERAGE.

            wale suffers the same thing. shit im a huge wale fan, but his latest album was AVERAGE.

            kendrick, drake, and jay are expected to drop dope albums and they delivered.

            then you have macklemore whi came out the blue with a surprisingly refreshing hip hop album with straight smashes.

          • LuckyP757

            so all in all, was macklemore truly deserving of this nomination of was he the “best out of who was left”?

            i just feel if it was soooooo dope, i wouldn’t have to search for his project. i heard the thrift shop record on a few tv shows but other than that I’m not familiar with his shit. i frequent the blogs and nothing until he swept up at the vmas (or whatever mtg award show it was). he’s definitely not on any college radio or “urban” radio so where are people finding his shit or were they finding it before?

            who ware the people who cast their votes and where do they come from? macklemores shit aint resonating within the rap/hip hop community ORGANICALLY. they’re forcing it on us with these awards

          • johnny boy

            big sean’s hall of fame too son

          • LuckyP757

            i bought swans album but honestly haven’t given it a listen. can’t really remember what kept me from giving it an ear though. then after time, it became an afterthought. imma check it out. but if so, that gives us another option OTHER than macklemore

        • Dan Karlin

          Here we go again… *eyeroll*

          • LuckyP757

            pull your skirt down b.

      • yourmom

        last one. you’re fucking retarded. god damn it this is why hiphop is terrible now cuz morons like u, its just music, and hannibal are raping it with your bull shit. faggot

        • Setman

          Agreed 100%

        • It’s Just Music

          no hip hop is terrible because you probably still waiting on a new 2Pac album.

          hip hop is just music and must progress.

          rappers are entertainers, must believe Kanye is actually a God.

          Get with it or get lost faggot

    • It’s Just Music

      because born sinner was an over hyped and boring 20 something track album.

      • chknchknchkn

        you’re fucking retarded sir

      • young

        How’s that haterade taste. Extra sweet? bitch

  • oneloveonebeing

    born sinner…

  • BillyBobJohn

    lol get off his dick your a grown man smh

  • jobie

    i really believe rap AOTY is beteween yeezus and gkmc. the grammy voters love kanye, but they seem to love kendrick now. would love to see gkmc as overall winner of aoty

    • LuckyP757

      please. yeezus is good but its not RAP arty worthy

      • jobie

        voters/critics love kanye tho. so wouldnt be surprised. but this year seems especially commercial leaning

    • haann

      its between NWTS and GKMC, kendrick will probably win thought

  • maine

    Missing Born Sinner. Mackleless commercial shit

    • REALLY23

      macklemore music don’t belong on hip hop stations. he a z100 type of fella

  • EDGE

    @B.Dot i know you are excited for hov and macklemore and all but kendrick has 7 nominations not 6. and he should rightfully win all the categories he shares with macklemore. Thanks. Be professional…stop playing this friend game yall play on this site.

  • areal1

    “The winner is hov”Bdot you a dick riding faggot you love the attention.Damn you a real live male groupie you have to post everything hov don’t you what happened to professionalism and unbiased reporting this shit is starting to get disgusting and the bad part about it is there’s up and comers that deserve shine but instead you guys would rather dick eat

  • Hussle

    They PLAYED Cole….wowwwwwwwwww speechless

    • Hannibal Lecture for Mayor

      Fuck J.Cole he’ll never be great! Too timid.

      • yourmom

        you are also retarded

        • Hannibal Lecture for Mayor

          Yea i am mentally challenged but I smart and functional enough to know J.Cole is not legend worthy. Scared to hear the truth faceassnigga!

          • Leon Sandcastle

            Not legend worthy?
            He got 2 classic mixtapes and 2 no. 1 albums

          • Justin TimberBAKED

            Yea he had the number one album his second week. Yeezus beat him with the first week sales!!!

      • young

        How’s that haterade taste. Extra sweet?

        • It’s Just Music

          j cole, is that you?

        • Hannibal Lecture for Mayor

          Hey I didnt make it up. Truth hurts Cole is a visable nobody.

          • johnny boy

            truth is gkmc shits on everything and you all know it.. kendrick deserves this shit

    • bigfoot2011

      I got the Cole album and listen to it once. The nigga got bars but is boring as hell.

      • based

        hahah so true

  • mac DIESEL

    @ BDot



  • haann

    Grammys Snub cole with no nomination. The rap AOTY between drizzy and kendrick but kendrick should bring it home. Then were all gonna complain about how macklemore ended up winning, cause he will

    • It’s Just Music

      drake will win.
      dude has an international fan base that surpasses kendricks

      • BJ Reginal

        but should the Grammys be about fan base or what’s better?

      • E G

        as a drake stan sorry he will not be winning over Kendrick or mackelmore hence why they were nominated for the biggest award of the night.. album of the year…
        my personal opinion is take out the heist and add nothing was the same to album of the year but it is what it is I think drizzy should probably take the grammy for best rap performance with started from the bottom though
        stan comment: how the ef was hold on we’re going home not nominated for a dammm thing

  • LOL

    Jay needs to fall back a lil bit and focus on pushing J. Cole. dude is thriving off the spotlight at little too much. we get it you a legend.

    • It’s Just Music

      no he doesnt. jay still wants to play the game and is still winning, why stay back for cole?

      Drake is on Jay status and he did it by himself without the help of wayne.

      Cole just lazy.

      • Mike

        stfu, cole basically dropped 2 albums with born sinner and the eps included, that aint lazy, u just a hater, and drake didn’t have help from wayne? foh

    • Ben

      He should stop being great?????? Ha!!!! J Cole IS B!ORING!!!! Nothing can save him. Cole has nothing to say.

      • Leon Sandcastle

        Cole has nothing to say?! He one of the few rappers with something to say! He could just be another one of these “I sell drugs, I got hoes and fancy clothes” type niggas

  • 2Gees

    The Heist should be album of the year imho. Fuck.

  • bronxbillyunz


    • Barack obama

      I confirm this message

  • MosiahGarvey

    Typical Jayz bullshit, latest album wasn’t all that

    • rell250

      How’s that haterade taste. Extra sweet?

      • MosiahGarvey

        Truth hurts. Didn’t say Jay wasn’t good or one of the GOATS. Wasn’t feeling MCHG. He’s lazy with it now.

        GKMC should win Rap Album

  • E G

    NTWS will not take home rap album of the year its not realistic if 2 of his competitors were nominated for the biggest prize of the night and not just genre album

    stans need to accept it and move on and hope for the best in another category

    Best Rap Performance:
    “Started From The Bottom” — Drake
    “Berzerk” — Eminem
    “Tom Ford” — Jay Z
    “Swimming Pools (Drank)” — Kendrick Lamar
    “Thrift Shop” — Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Featuring Wanz

  • Sean Power

    let see how much of the rap category’s make it to the tv broadcast

  • JD

    SMH @ that gobbage Berzerk being nominated.

  • REALLY23

    J. Cole not nominated is travesty and I personally don’t even like his music that much. Jay-Z 1st half of MCHG is a classic and Macklemore is soooo fuckin wack imho. K. Dot should fair well… Yeezus wins a Grammy I’m never watching the Grammy’s again…

    • Justin TimberBAKED

      Yeezus had some bangers tho!! 6/10 tracks were hot! Blood on the leaves, black skinhead, bound2, new slaves, I’m in it, send it up

      • REALLY23


  • Da Business

    1st of all, Born Sinner not being nominated is LAUGHABLE!!!! I fux w/ Kanye but Yeezus is TRASH!!!! Macklemore had a HUGH yr, but the lp was just average at best. And if the Heist takes home that Grammy….

  • Sonny-Son

    Childish Gambino deserves some recognition. His new album has crazy breakdowns, melodies, relevant lyrics, and modern day concepts. Easily top three this year. Yeezus too experimental,MCHG too predictable, GKMC another unoriginal concept album(good lyrics tho), and the Heist wtf,why? who really bumps that shit cept b.dot. How it should be- we’re talking top three rap albums this year. 1.NWTS(Very listenable,Catchy) 2.Because The Internet(New rap sound,Innovative) 3.GKMC(Lyrics/Bar Structure/Delivery that can’t be touch).

  • jimbeam

    fuk jayz an anyone else in the industry who has sold their soul for this shit!

  • That Guy

    Magna Carta Holy Grail: Great production orchestrated mostly by Timbo with mostly generic, shallow lyrics from Jay Z. And behind all that, its foremost purpose: a business venture facilitated by Samsung. And the Grammys are passing it off as one of hip-hop’s highest quality products. “I don’t pop molly, I rock Tom Ford”….? really? that’s what the 44-year-old legend has to contribute to hip-hop now? God forbid a piece of respectable craftsmanship like GKMC or Born Sinner get any shine.

  • That Guy

    Magna Carta Holy Grail: Great production orchestrated mostly by Timbo with generic, shallow lyrics from Jay Z. But behind all that, its foremost purpose: a business venture facilitated by Samsung. And the Grammys are passing it off as one of hip-hop’s highest quality products. “I don’t pop molly, I rock Tom Ford”….? really? that’s what the 44-year-old legend has to contribute to hip-hop now?

  • Ben

    Hova the god mc

  • Jessica Albyntzk
  • Geza

    how come I don’t see Wale anywhere? I like “Yeezus” to some degree but ” The Gifted” is a much better album.

    • RaysMissingWhiteSuit

      I want a refund on those boring ass “the gifted” tracks

  • young hip hop

    BORN SINNER! IM SICK OF RICH ASS JAY Z… JIGGER is like the old parents that wanna be cool… I love hov… but go away… what more you gotta prove?

  • young hip hop

    And its never just music. This is the soundtrack to life. It definitely has power over our thinking patterns and “energy”… its all entertainment though.

  • squad up

    boring sinner sucks. god that album is so overrated im glad its not nominated

  • Myke Wayne

    so ironic

  • D Pac

    How is Yeezus not nominated for album of the year!?

  • Guest

    The Grammy’s continue to show how irrelevant they are. Nobody anywhere said MCHG was even a decent album. The highest praise it received(that I read) was it being a transitional album.

  • RaysMissingWhiteSuit

    This is why Kanye doesn’t show up to the Grammys.

  • johnny boy

    big sean’s hall of fame deserves to be nominated. kendrick’s gkmc better win everything tho