New Music: Justin Bieber x Chance The Rapper “Confident”


Full Of Herself.

All good things come to an end. And today, Justin Bieber concludes his Monday Music series with a guest spot from Chance The Rapper. Considering Justin’s recent track record, this would probably fair better as a solo track.

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  • asdsd

    Proud of Chacne tbh

  • Kickye West


  • ITS ME

    Only reason I listened to this was because of Chance

    • Timothy Lee

      haha who comes on here defending themselves for the reason they listened to a justin bieber song. haha wack

      • ITS ME

        That makes no sense man, I’m a Chance fan, not a JB fan so obviously I would check this out because of Chance?? Think before you speak foo

  • Chronic

    Besides Kendrick and cole (cause they’re on a different level), I think chance is my favorite “new” rapper

  • ShatteredWorld

    Justin has really made a fan out of me with his recent music.

    • Sam Robilotta


  • Reef

    Has a Justin Timberlake vibe to it, lol

  • Billow Baggins
  • Sam Robilotta


  • Billow Baggins
    • Johnnie Rawker

      pretty ill all around

  • Respect

    When drake and big sean did a song with this man yall was sayin they sellin out, but when chance do it yall proud, fuck outta here

  • That Guy

    look, objectively, this track is sonically sound. JB does not sound bad. But, his feminine soft self just makes me ignorant.
    And Chance’s part was too short, come on dawg you have to go hard right now. This is going viral with JB’s fan base involved.

  • jay

    why yall hate jb so much let the boy live and chance killed this and remember kanye has a song with jb its just good business