New Music: Travis Barker Ft. Paul Wall, Hopsin, & Yelawolf “Cuz I’m Famous”

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Fame Game.

Fame is one helluva drug. And on Travis Barker’s new track co-produced by Scoop Deville, Paul Wall, Hopsin, and Yelawolf overdose on their celebrity. Whether you’re famous or anonymous, make cop the song  here.

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    Yela got that Trunk muzik flow back!!

  • Trukk

    Just realized how lackluster Paul Wall is compared to Yela & Hop.

  • Antics

    Trust in YelaWolf — there’s a Purpose to the Flow .. And you can’t stop pressing Rewind .. #LoveStory

  • king hoover

    all hip hop’s garbage in one dustpan…great

  • Ricardo

    this song was ok until yelawolf had to make it legendaryyy

  • Billow Baggins

    one day you will see the light

  • Chronic

    i don’t know what the even make of yelawolf nowadays…hes so fuckin talented, but he needs to bring this kinda energy to his next project, cause his last album was a big let-down

  • Tanya

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  • Tanya

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  • Tanya

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  • Tanya

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