New Video: Migos “Hannah Montana”

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Got White?

If the Migos’ rhymes weren’t ass enough, trio bring more butt to the table with their new video named after the Disney Channel hit. The song can be found on their YNR mixtape which you can download here.

Bonus: New track, “Jealousy” below.

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  • Niggas STATE that their lyrics are ASS yet still post. Incredible. I will never understand. Good shit B. Dot. LOL

    • B.Dot

      Sucks, but can’t pretend it don’t exist.

  • MyOpinionMeansMoreThanYours

    This is comedy gold. These southern rappers make me laugh more than comedians.

  • Interesting Christmas Theme going on!

  • Cam Trimble

    Migos have funny, entertaining bars. Their style is good, light, entertaining, and makes you want to move. Please stop hating. They are not story rappers, bu they do have good lyrics. and by good, I mean clever, entertaining, on pace, on beat, and they keep you riding until one of their infectious hooks comes on.

  • NativeKing

    and will still get more play than any new NY rapper…

  • HeyBuddy

    First hearing, made me say “they oughtta be embarrassed for rapping like that”. Versace was cool, because of DRAKE. W/o him on that song I didn’t even know bout these dudes. I won’t bash you if you like their music, but you’re taste might be another topic.