Game On Cash Money Offer

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The Gang and Game Remains The Same.

Now that Game has parted ways with Interscope, he’s now signed his John Hancock with Cash Money Records. Baby made the official announcement this afternoon.

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UPDATE: Not so fast. Chatting with Karen Civil, Game says he’s still a free agent and waiting to put it on paper. Will the chain remain?

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  • No surprise tho….

  • z7ra_Vv


  • Diablo

    Power moves only!!! Game Time!

  • frades


  • DJ Cognac

    idk about this move for a few reasons. i think we could be watching the very beginning of the end of Game.

    • Craig

      yo hes automatically the second best on the roster, behind lil wayne, he could be 3rd depending how u look at Drake, there nowhere to go but up, cause he gets buzz for his music anyway.

  • SteakandFries

    meh….Game is too fickle

  • yeah what

    yo this nigga never been a boss. only in his head. he just a worker. need real bosses to put him on[dre then 50]. if it wasnt for 50 and gunit this nigga would have been just another nigga on the shelf at aftemath like bishop lamont. with 50 and the anti 50 movement this bi polar stripper ass nigga should send flowers to 50 everyday in thanks for his career. look foward to him skateboarding and playing the kissing game with weezy.

    • Nikola Jovanovic

      That’s true. They made him. But he killed them on 300 bars later.

    • disDude

      ayo!! exactly my Nigga, dis dude got bars but always needN another muthafucker2 make his moves.

      • Don Francesco

        thats some female shit game aint no self made

    • LoverofHipHop

      Not everyone is made to be a boss. That doesn’t take anything less away from an artist or their creative value. Some artists (of any genre and art form) are good at also being businessmen and leaders and some don’t have that skill set. Look at Jeezy, he sucks and being a boss and a label owner, but does that take anything away from his music or his ability to make money for himeself? You can be rich and make money and not necessarily have to be the boss or ceo, ask any fortune 500 cfo and in the same sense you can be a great artist and be very successful and not have to run your own company and act as boss of it as well.

      • Pete Dorsett

        once jeezy started trying to expand is when he fell off…some need to stick to rapping, perfect ya craft.

      • TeF

        I agree with this actually, I’m looking at niggaz like Busta, the cat is literally one of Hip Hop’s building blocks, but he can’t carry a movement of his own, he’s constantly sonnin’ himself for a new school label endorsement deal. I see that in game’s future. Money is money, but I remember when Game gave a fuck who he was affiliated with, well, I remember when he pretended he gave a fuck who he was affiliated with. I can’t think of a more ridiculous Coon’d out label than YMCMB. I look forward to his Paris Hilton and Bow Wow feature.

    • Batman

      Yea you are right, Game owes 50 and should show more respect. But almost everyone in the rap game is brought up because of someone else. All it takes is a feature from someone big and then your instantly famous now-a-days. And even though 50 brought up Game and is making way more money…At least Game is relevant in the rap game today. 50 isn’t.

      • Jburg

        Game is relevant? Since when, guess you didn’t see his last album sales numbers. 50 is relevant in the ENTERTAINMENT world. Movies, Music, Sales(headphones), Boxing, you name it. Game is an afterthought. He was an idiot that bit the hand that fed him, and he hasn’t seen as much success since.



    • It’s Just Music

      Dre and 50 are both irrelevant nowadays.
      If your point has any real merit, why is Game still relevant and not the people who put him on?

      Game has never had a wack album, not everyone of them is mind blowing, but dude has average to good to classic albums. The man has been dropping good material on lackluster labels (Interscope, Geffen etc) so imagine what he is going to do with Cash Money?

      That label is hot right now and he will get better production.

      This is smart and everybody is going to win.

      • Jburg

        LMAO, guess you haven’t seen all the christmas ads with BeatsbyDre and SMS headphones in them. They are irrelevant huh? No, they just know when to expand to things that will last longer.

        • It’s Just Music

          oh my bad i forgot.
          they are awesome musicians because they sell over priced headphones at best buy

          people like you why hip hop is just corporatized bullshit.

          Game is making money in music.

          50 Cent can’t get interscope to even put an estimated release date on his album that no one wants to hear. So he had to make headphones which I haven’t even seen in stores btw.

          Detox is never coming out and he had to release Beats to make money because his music wasn’t cutting it.

          so yes in the rap game they are BOTH irrelevant. If we talking headphones, 50 Cent is even MORE irrelevant there lol

          • Jburg

            How you know what money he’s making? You know his account numbers? Game is relevant but his last album has yet to go gold. No one is scrambling for a Game feature. Hip Hop fans aren’t scrambling to hear a Game track. I get you’re a fan, and will defend him till death that’s cool however it doesn’t make you right. Kendrick Lamar is the eqivilant of relivancy in music today, Game not so much.

    • whitewidows

      your fucking retarded. game didnt need those niggas at all. devils advocate and L.A.X are proof of that. the only thing he should thank 50 for is being such a little bitch. that ghost unit mixtape was one of the best. come on 300 bars and runnin. seriously your a retarded fuckin faggot if thats what u think “yeah what”

  • Samsohn

    No one is looking for Game. His credibility is shot with the veteran rap fans (reality shows and all his tomfoolery) and no young kids wanna hear what he has to say. I’d rather watch the Hobbit than listen to this asshat rap anymores

    • idk about that….i aint watching no mother fucking Hobbit!!

  • yeah what

    so its game,paris hilton,busta and bow wow the new black wall street. gotta be cuz they all on the shelf. wayne,nicki and drake putting up numbers. the rest is tax write offs including game. if games skateboarding and kissing game tight baby will open up a budget. fingers crossed for game.

  • IamRealTalk-BdotLivesWithDad


  • smh

    ymcmb the home or HAS-BEENs and NEVER-WILL-BEs!!!
    if you aint wayne, drake or nicki you aint getting no love….meaning no looks, no budget, no nothing.
    just ask tyga (or even DRAKE) who STILL up until this day HAVE NOT GOTTEN 1 SINGLE CHECK FROM CASH MONEY! Just like a Pimp keeps his ho’s broke, they bitches get clothes, hair/nails did and whatnot but nah NO MONEY! same thing with the ho’s on that label…..Birdman might pay for a video, he might pay for a stylest and photoshop BUT no, no, no….NO MONEY FOR YOU! Baby gotta keep it for himself to buy mansions and another million dollar car! Now go get ya “Baby’s” Money ho!

    • Jack Hoff

      Can you confirm this? Are you in their camp?

  • LOL

    i’m sad he made that move, bu to be honest you are gonna hear more about him than Interscope. that YMCMB machine never fails.

  • Jack Hoff

    Y’all sound salty af.

  • Da Business

    Y?????? U’re better off going indie, smh…

  • DG

    Shit when I listened to his last album I already thought he was signed to them. That shit was like a Khaled compilation album cuz Game had no songs where it was just Game



  • JiMMy


  • Skull Boi

    i knew it was coming. people are hating on it. but its a good move in my opinion. the game fits right in over there.

    • TeF

      “The game fits right in over there.” That’s not exactly a good thing. lol

  • HeyBuddy

    The only person who could make his career flourish would be Jay or Ye. Outside of that idk what Cash Money could do for him. Street albums. Mix tapes. That’s it? I know Game has bars, but he needs somebody who can actually rap around him.

    • Don Francesco

      he got beef with jay and ye to loyal to jay-z


    Terrible decision that isn’t surprising at all


  • blackholesurfer

    washed up and wrung out…..NEXT.

  • Broski 3000

    The end of The Game as we know it, im a fan and i hate this move why wouldnt you run your own shit instead of being on an already inflated roster. Them paris hilton features are gonna be heavy lol

  • Keith

    he must be broke!



  • CanYouAllHearMe

    lol thats not a good look, sorry game you lost big time.

  • Toni

    Damn, Game albums nowadays will be filled with YMCMB features… tho a track with glasses malone or cory gunz aint wrong but fuck the rest of cash money.

    • Don Francesco

      gudda gudda,t-street,flow are real niggaz!!!

  • sam

    Good move by the Game…..they make hot music on collabs

  • Luck

    Ok, that explains why he felt comfortable saying “F 50” again

  • Not sure how this is gonna turn out !

  • brollya

    ya trippin. how come dat 2chainz and wayne video aint up yet….. get on ya job

  • lovehiphopdebate

    Well I know one thing if game is not happy cash money he will definitely let it be known

  • lovehiphopdebate

    I know one thing if game is not happy at cash money he will definitely let it be known

  • Real

    The Game and YMCMB gone fall out over money. YMCMB isnt good at paying people like they did drake,Bangladesh and plenty of other people.

  • @bennedeto

    He’ll be beefin’ with them within a year.

  • GreenBergs

    this could work though..

  • Lincoln’s bullet

    I see forced drake collabos in the near future…

    • Don Francesco

      Drake a fufu



  • Don Francesco

    man im waiting for the game to make that gay move to kiss birdman to get some milli by the illuminati

  • Don Francesco



  • 3 Glocks no reload needed

    Member when a dope mc moved to a new label people were excited expecting big things crazy collabs like 2pac to death row cam’ron to roc-a-fella or nas to def jam well this is the fuckin opposite

    Such a bad look for game supposed to be a boss bws big time blood member shot 5 times knocking niggas out and now u signed to the worst label around giving up all ur album money to a nigga who kisses men!

    you gon be collabing wit a faggot ass jegging wearing fake blood a duck face wannabe pop plastic mess and the softest ‘nigga’ in rap even hardcore game fans are hating on this shit

  • KC

    Signing to YMCMB as a established artist seems to only ensure that you will only be as big as you were before you signed there.

  • Dope

    This is officially the end of him. He was on a B list for a while, but when you sign to YMCM then you know it’s officially over.

  • anonymous

    Game about to fade away real quick.

  • My question is, why? You were doing much better with them wack ass motherfuckers. Fail.

  • Dante Cartier

    God Speed

  • TopNochN3gro

    This makes a whole lot more sense than Busta Rhymes joining CM. Games been fucking with CM for a long ass time.

  • game fuck ymcb

    yo at this point after all the stunts and gimmicks this guy pulls he better contact young buck and get in touch with 50’s office and say they both want to sign back with gunit.
    a gunit reunion would be millions of dollars…i mean millions for everyone involved
    much more than a stint on cash money or any other label
    gunit was colossal and was worldwide.
    a album plus a tour would huge. summerjam,mtv awards all that shit.
    shut next year down. period.

    a 1 album 1 huge tour deal. after that whatever.

    50 banks buck game yayo.

    gotta be honest that tyga game chain pass was embarrasing for game

    • The Incredible Creation

      you nailed it… but him & 50 would rather be childish… at this point his “celebrity” has become bigger than 50’s thanks to reality TV but a G-Unit reunion… would make sense from a ($$) standpoint and hopefully the music would be good… as well… but i doubt it’ll happen anytime soon… sadly…they all could use the attention tho lol

    • Hannibal Lecture

      50 and Game are the only two worth anything to do a reunion. It would be based on them two. Buck, Banks and Yayo dont
      exist in a reunion convo. They havent been relevant since 05

  • don

    Real nigga

  • LP1087

    C’mon man. You was suppose to get more in depth on what went on in that house man w/ those other dudes yo. smh. Well. Gotta make my own visuals, I guess

  • GroovyQ

    Never thought he signed to them on the first place…but anyways good news

  • Keith

    Poor bastard. Now Baby is going to leech the fuck out of him, and toss him away to the cash money graveyard just like diddy’s bad boy graveyard. I feel sorry for him. Yea cash money is big, but look at who you are dealing with. Baby makes shit music but gets paid off all his artists, he is a true business man (i guess) that is only out for himself and his lavish lifestyle. Sign with invisible ink Game.

  • Coney

    Game been reppin Cash Money for like 2 months now. Even had the Cash Money chains on but now he talking about nothing is set in stone yet? smh. Why you reppin the label but not even officially signed yet? I’m Game fan, he always puts out good music but this nigga dont know what he wanna be. Whatever happened to Black Wall Street?

  • inthestudyo

    Game so wishy washy that I wouldn’t want to do business with him. His character damages the brand and creditability too much

    • Hannibal Lecture

      His brand is good enough for VH1 apparently and Rockstar games gave him 5 million for GTA so his brand is good! And
      Its about the music and his music quality.

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Real Talk keep your options open Game. Go indie youll come out better!

  • Save Half

    Something for game


    Oh word?….thought for sure Game had signed with them….gotta get the paperwork in order
    though…I feel that. It is a business, at the end of the day. Lol.

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  • As far as the issue of fathers, I grew up in a home with 2 loving parents and I know that as an adult I could go to my father for help if I really needed to. But that wouldn’t stop me from accepting a gift from bf. it’s why I would. My parents talk about how my dad bought her a nice necklace while they were dating just b/c.

  • ramo

    wait game listen to this