Mack Wilds “Toca Tuesday” Freestyle

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Mack Gon Wild.

Days before getting nominated for a Grammy Award, Mack Wilds appeared on Tony Toca’s show. During his stay, he recited some bars over Wu-Tang’s seminal classic.

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  • MyOpinionMeansMoreThanYours


    • theflyeststar

      true story, mike far rock millz is another nice mc from ny that gets no love, theres so much talent not getting shine its only a handful

      • Rufus Buck

        “Rolling Stone swag, learned a lot from Mick Jagger”. Ha!! Dude is nice.
        Dude is like a thugged out B.O.B

        You were right. He needs more shine.

    • Sea

      Once again somebody is ready to fight over this shit. The reality is most artists getting shine aren’t always people’s favorites. Really, luck has more to do with why people end up in the spotlight than talent ever will. You make a banger you get attention. “Own It” is HUGE right now.

      Places like RR or Hot97 are businesses and have to make money. In radio, that’s listening time and in blogging it’s page views.

      If anybody is killin’ hip-hop it’s casual fans. Artists don’t get the shine they deserve not because RR or radio won’t give ’em a chance but because not enough people would stop to care even if they did

      Mack did his thing. btw

  • Johnnie Rawker

    ok mack