• Arthur Alien
  • KayandGee


  • coolkid

    Turn up Tuesdays @blue flame lounge ask for Madison

  • ross running the game

    say what u want about ross but look at his cv

    1. owns 4 wingstops
    2.promotes a beverage
    3.promotes diddys beverage
    4.promotes and wears reebok[non profit]
    5. shouts out cashmoney and birdman alot in interviews
    6.got jayz and lyor cohens phone number
    7.can get artists a twitter buzz
    8.can get artists on mixtapes
    9.ebro,elliot wilson and shaheem reid will tweet positive about subpar music
    10. ross a official street nigga not a actor.

    new artists fuck with ross

    check his resume

    • Wow i have my bosses number too lol

    • The Incredible Creation

      LMAO u had me until #10 smh

  • dmv

    trel snapped on this #SBSB

  • The Incredible Creation

    Tracy T’s name is misspelled on the artwork tho *shrugs* we all make mistakes lol

    • tututhebadboy

      Lmao Tact T.. I seen that too

  • Matt

    The real Freeway Ricky Ross Called Maybach Music ” Gay Back Music” I don’t see ross and them niggas responding to that

  • blackholesurfer

    smelll that……………hot garbage non rapping as niggas that only know how to say nigga. LOL

  • d’brickashaw_ferguson

    I guess every one forgot he us to be employed carol city dade county sheriffs

  • DMVillian

    THOT! LMFAO!!!