Kanye West Grammy Nomination Rant


Fuck Those Nominations!

Kanye knows what it’s like for his album to be left off the Grammy’s top honor. And during his show in Phoenix last night, Ye reacted (9:53) to Yeezus being left off the “Album Of The Year” list. Kanye is  however nominated for ” Best Rap Album” and “Best Rap Song”.


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  • Bruce Edwards

    Shut the tuck up ye

    • Kingcobra

      Shut the fuck up yourself

      • Toni Strandman

        oh did someone get butt hurt… yeezy need to shut the fuck up with his stupid ass rants. dude is too full of himself, seems like you’d like to be full of him to dickryder

  • ShatteredWorld

    I’m glad Yeezus wasn’t nominated for Album of the Year. Honestly, it shouldn’t even be up for Rap Album of the year if we’re being honest. Great production-wise, but poor lyrically (even for a Kanye album) and weak concept-wise, it was, basically, Ye’s version of Tha Carter 4.

  • MrSkeezyMak

    Yeezus sucked, bruh

  • Yeezus

    Album of the year. Check out time magazine and rollingstone magazine.

    • ShatteredWorld


  • Chronic

    Jays album was better, pushas was better, Coles was better, Mac millers was better, eminems was better, Wales was better, drakes album was better…and the list could go on much longer

  • Quese

    This nigga lucky his album was up 4 best rap album i would take yeezus off and add cole and take macklamore off and add pusha the grammys suck they fuc ppl over every yr

  • haann

    Is kanye gonna use the excuse of being marginalized everytime he doesnt do as well as he thought he should of ?

  • smoss44

    sad to see ye is known for being a total a$$hole that Barack said he was now a days. no one cares about his music really. all people wanna hear from him now is rants and sound bites and that is really disappointing from a true fan. but f… it I don’t got the answers yeezy

  • raised by wolves

    Never forget about the hood b

  • EvenOdd

    shit shouldn’t of had any nominations

  • madtowncrown

    “let me get those size 9 margielas” hahaha

  • Billow Baggins

    lets see how this plays out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaeuI1Wi6B8

  • DaJuan

    Lol Kendrick was nominated though right?


      Yeah. Album of the year & Best new artist at least…

  • brza

    Kendrick had the album of the year imo

    • haann


    • yo

      kendricks album was last year tho

      • SteakandFries

        But its up for this coming Grammy awards

        • tmb

          it’s astounding to me that yall still haven’t grasped the concept of GRAMMY NOMINATION DEADLINES. lol i’m so sick of people complaining that an album isn’t nominated when the shit didn’t make the usual end of sept deadline. gkmc came out in oct of last year, it missed the deadline. pusha’s album came out oct of this year, it’ll most def be nominated for best rap album next year

          • The Incredible Creation

            Pusha shit better be nominated! LOL

  • J

    I think the point is, Ye was trying to push the boundaries of his music beyond Hip Hop and he wasn’t recognized beyond Hip Hip. I feel him.

    • Goku

      In other words… he failed.

  • should coulda woulda

    oh look im not a fag, I just like fashion, im not gay I just hit the biggest booty in the game with a marriage proposal aint you seen bound 2 homie im the rock star of this generation….wait what you mean she is still married my album sucks and people don’t think my skirt is cute enough to win album of the year?
    gtfoh ass clown

  • rapbot

    RapRadar and everyone on this site endorse this dude like he’s doing good for the Hip-Hop culture, but really is making the art worse and himself. This dude is a egotistical moran who has the potential to be one of the best artists of all time but keeps running his mouth. No wonder you were snubbed Kanye! Get you’re head on straight and stop thinking everything is a conspiracy or racist. Make music and shut your mouth. If he keeps running his mouth this dude will be at the bottom of the chain where no one will give a s#$* about this dude

    • It’s Just Music

      Have you ever heard the saying “No such thing as bad publicity?”

      Maybe Kanye is pulling everyone’s leg just to be talked about, and guess what? It’s working.

      Shit Kanye is doing SUCH a good job, the dude even got the president talking about him.

      Could it be that Kanye is all just doing this to troll and force people to talk about him?

      Look how much hurt feelings are in this thread and people saying that he will be forgotten soon lol

      His goal is to never be forgotten. By pissing people off deliberately he seems to be doing just that. Every where you go you hear about Kanye, even if its people calling him an asshole.

      So is Kanye REALLY losing?

      • MrSkeezyMak

        Nah, he’s just a jackass.

        • It’s Just Music

          some people are just ignorant and only see things at face value I guess, which is why Hip-Hop has no meaning no more.

          Then go on, believe Kanye and his nonsense and keep talking about him, you must believe he is truly a God also lmao

  • flo

    maybe, just maybe it would of been nominated for AOTY. But the Grammys already have two hip hop albums in for AOTY, I doubt they would include 3.

  • Guest

    cry baby ass bitch. used to fuck with this guy. all these immature meaningless rants is due to the fact that he is upset with himself. supposed to been the one that could walk the fine line of being a bona fide superstar but could still relate to the common man. oh well for that shit. yeezus sucked any way

  • Sajjad-Falah Akbar-Al Jabiri

    I’ve been a kanye fan since ‘slow jams’ but it all started twisting and turning when 808’s dropped

  • Nonamez

    Yeezus sucks
    and his girlfriend a hobbit

  • Dev


  • Damian Marshall

    Comedy at it’s best