New Music: Gucci Mane x Migos “Jackie Chan”

the state vs radric davis 2


Like the martial artist actor, Gucci is back with his typical stunt and flosses with the Migos on his latest cut. His The State vs Radric Davis II drops on Christmas. Pre-order here.


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  • lolol

    the worst rapper ever, the worst group ever and the worst producer ever

    I can’t believe people actually like this shit hahaha nobody will even know who migos are in a year.

    • ShatteredWorld

      that’s what they said about Drake. And Future. And 2Chainz. And Em.

      Just sayin.

      • dp

        did you just compare migos to Em and Drake, ?… : /

        • NicoSWEBaby

          No he didn’t, read again retard

        • Sajjad-Falah Akbar-Al Jabiri

          Did you suck dick or is that the bitch in you talking? Sit ya ass down; nobody cares about how you illegally download music and it gives you a special interest in voicing your opinion and on that note stop dick riding the main stream. This is a HiP HoP forum

        • ShatteredWorld

          No. But what I’m saying is, is that musical artists that people say “will be gone in a year” end up surviving longer than so.

  • Chronic

    Gucci actually wasn’t bad on this

  • NovaKaine

    Why is this nigga even relevant still I’m sure RR had something better to fill this post up