Charlamagne Tha God ‘NY Times’ Feature


Charles In Charge.

Power 105’s Charlamagne The God of the morning show’s Breakfast Club was featured in yesterday’s edition of NY Times. In the article, he discussed his come up in radio, past run-ins with the law and his interviews. Below’s an excerpt of his interview with Kanye.

I’m a slightly obnoxious person,” Charlamagne said, when asked why he always asks questions like this. “I don’t even think about it. You know what I’m saying? I just like to have conversations with people.”

He called Mr. West “Kanye Kardashian”; dismissed his new album, “Yeezus,” as “wack”; and basically accused him of being a hypocrite. “You denounce corporations at the same time as you get onstage and need Nike and Adidas to back you,” he said.

Surprisingly, Mr. West, given his prickliness with the media, seemed to take Charlamagne’s criticisms in stride. When he sensed that one of Charlamagne’s colleagues, the D.J. Envy, was taking too much airtime, Mr. West cut him off, saying: “They want to hear him talk, man. No offense. They want this man to throw them blows. They’re waiting for Charlamagne to tap these gloves and go at ’Ye. So let’s go.”

And when Charlamagne called Mr. West a “walking contradiction” for his strange symbiotic “I love you/I hate you” relationship with the fashion business, the singer suggested that that was precisely his intention. “I take the opportunity to look as stupid as possible.”

Read the full article here.

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  • Killa Cam

    dude is a clown… he has the audacity to call someone a walking contradiction? arent we all? had a problem with the yeezus parallel yet has “Tha God” in his name. Said that Yeezus was a terrible album then goes to say that he likes 4 of the songs..4 out of 10 seems like a solid album to me. i just feel like he’s the leader of simple minded people… he’s openly said that he cares nothing about fashion then has the audacity to attack one of the most trendsetting artist of our time??? FOH… people praise him for being real… i just think he is a classical dick head. what the fuck is a charlamange anyways. …. end rant. what up YN!

    • Rufus Buck

      4/10 solid?

      … our culture is truly doomed.

      • Killa Cam

        see this is what i mean… no our culture is doomed because we have no one pushing it forward…and when someone does (Ye) all we do is bash him or come up with pathetic memes… its doomed because rap/hip-hop fans are the most hypocritical fans of any genre. Ye, Chance, Cole, Kendrick, KRIT, CyHi, Tyler, Push, Earl, Troy Ave, Em, Childish, SchoolBoy, Bronson, Push, Ab Soul, Hodgy… if we supported the fucking culture rather than looking for reasons to tear it down it wouldnt be doomed.

        • brza

          smh *deep sigh*

        • Da Business

          I feel u bruh. U can push the culture forward and still be dope(Outkast) but Yeezus was trash. And I’m a Ye fan…

          • Killa Cam

            i respect your opinion bro.

          • shipwreckdakota

            I absolutely loved Yeezus. 8/10.

          • Justin TimberBAKED

            Yea Yeezus was a dope ass album to me. Only songs I didn’t like was “on site” & and the Jawn with kid Cudi. Other than that the album was dope! Blk skinheads, blood on the leaves, new slaves, bound2, send it up. I am god (cept for the screaming) I’m in it was too fucking dope are all dope songs. I honestly don’t see how ppl don’t like em tracks

          • percivalmolina

            guilt trip is like one of the best songs bro

          • Justin TimberBAKED

            Couldn’t get into it. Sounds like he’s just making it up as he goes along. Only part I like is cudi’s part oh & the beat, but hey more power to u if you like it, that’s what’s up

          • Justin TimberBAKED

            “I’m in it” wasn’t dope to u? Blk skinheads, blood, bound? New slaves? Hold my liquor? Send it up?

        • blackbeltbreeze

          Killa Cam, i i agree with this comment right here. i get so tired of ARTISTS and So Called fans and critics complaining and then #1 failing to support people on their block or in their city trying to do honest art/business and #2 failing to use the internet to even find out about and support the artists you just named + Freddie Gibbs + Nipsey Hussle + Jean Grae + Danny Brown + hella other FEMALE and MALE artists in the US and other countries who are DOPE and truly about that life. it’s like hating that you are on the plantation and then hating the people on the underground railroad too. it’s just hate and more hate with no original idea put forth.

    • yorapper


    • Rick DeHonney

      4 out of 10 is solid? Wow…. kanye is my favorite artist of the last decade but I agree with the majority of the shit charlamagne says about him and yeezus was trash outside of four songs

    • TeF

      I don’t think your argument holds any validity. He says he’s a ‘Ye fan, but this is by far his weakest album, he said he found 4 songs decent, the album as a whole was just not good, he’s said this repeatedly, even directly to ‘Ye. The Yeezus parallel became a problem because he said ‘Ye was getting too distracted by raising himself up as a figure, and less about showing and proving. “Don’t nobody care about all your rich nigga problems, we care about the music.” Charlemagne, rather for image or gimmick, seems to keep it 3000% more 100 than most people in popular media, and though I’ve seen him clean some things for politics, I’ve never seen him curb his opinion or contradict himself.

      • Killa Cam

        “less showing and proving?” premiering videos on buildings world wide? never been done. mountains on tour? never been done. executive producing John Legend/Sean’s/and Push’s album while working on his own? Bring Kendrick on tour? what else does he need to show and prove? he’s giving this culture some of its most important music of all-time this past decade. so when i hear “dont nobody wanna hear about all your rich nigga problems, we care about the music” thats contradicting and selfish to me. hes given us that “MUSIC” we care about for 10+ years. no? no he’s dealing with problems of his own and our black figures are so thirsty to tear him down…. but charlamange says “no one cares about the yeezys?” like that alone shows where is mind is and how much he knows about fasion… idk… i see what youre saying i just think its crazy that after what ye did for our culture we dont have more people supporting him.. my damn fingers are tired.

    • dfghfgf

      dude I’m a white suburban guy from Australia and even I know that “tha god” part of his name is on some 5% shit. lame ass


      all kanye needs to do is learn how to move like his big bro………HOVA and he said that Jay is one of the only nigga that would do it first and you hear about it after…….fuck all that ranting and shit and all that expensive clothes and shit nigga people want the music. there are people in the world that dont even know kanye has a shoe with nike but knows this dudes music, kanye used to make that music for the soul that shit you feel deep down. now he cares more about how big he is as a star than how impactful his music is. kanye trend setting what? skirts? dude i lived in the us and outside and i have seen Jay’s influenece almost every place i have been where hip hop is concern. i watched pepople wear button ups cause of this nigga i seen dudes ask for the blue yankee fitteds same colour like the ones jay wears. you wanna know how big an artists go to a home in the caribbean where the moms and pops dont listen rap and say a few rappers name and see which ones they know. they know Diddy,Tupac,Eminem and Jay-z the most influentential rappers world wide. when you travel more you would know this.

  • brza

    he just said what everybody else was thinking and it was great nobody thought he would follow through once Kanye made an appearance. Kanye has become such an asshole imo he’s no Jay Z and Charlamagne and reminded him of just that

  • brza

    Kanye West is a head shave away from a Britney Spears meltdown

  • Novakaine

    Kanye might be hiphops biggest melt down and watch Boosie make hiphops biggest comeback

  • blackbeltbreeze

    Charlamagne is entertaining, smart, messy, and also consistently contradictory, (like numerous other people). I know this because I am BClub fan and watch the show. His contradictions don’t make me hate him; they are funny but it’s wild how no guests ever check him and always are so quick to give him the “Realest in the Game” crown. Probably because they have better stuff to do than watch the show. Magne tried to play Kendrick the first couple of times Kendrick came on the show, but then he is the same guy so quick to talk about hoodies and real rap. He almost NEVER reads, previews any of the material his artists come on the show to talk about. Yet, he has so many opinions about their careers and then will say shame on the industry for being based on connects and not talent. Last, he is always switching sides when it comes to beefs and ratchetness. One minute he wants people to be real and street and non-emo. The next minute he talking about how he won’t go to chicago. One minute he amping up Gunplay to be wild, the next minute he is afraid of Gucci Mane. One minute he tried molly, the next minute he didn’t. One minute he “I’m from the South this…South Carolina that” and the next minute it’s “Yo, yo, son, son”. Magne is not always 100 accurate or honest but who is? At least he usually entertaining and down to earth.

    • Justin TimberBAKED

      Ohhh no go look at the Nicki a Minaj interviews. She checked all three of em every time she goes up there

      • blackbeltbreeze

        yeah, you are right. That was funny too. i’m not saying he needs to be on the level of a Nardwaur or Anthony Fantano. But at least ocasionally do more than go to vladtv or media takeout five minutes before the interview, read the most wild comment or rumor, and then ask the guest about that. Hmmm…on second thought…that’s why Yee is there. Nevermind, Don’t change anything.

        • Justin TimberBAKED

          Damn that’s crazy, I had no idea that Anthony was that famous! Wow, do I watch Dead end hip hop as well?

  • percivalmolina

    wtf are you talking about idiot? Kanye isn’t going to have a “meltdown” stop paying attention to the media, and start paying attention to the most important influential artist of our time bitch! He’s giving us enough music already!! why can’t we support him in his other endeavors? Just cause he aint giving us that much music anymore, doesn’t mean he’s going to stop giving us that FEELING in the other stuff he does. SMH y’all trying to destroy Kanye, all this man trying to do is improve our culture and push it forward. if you hate on kanye real talk, you should be ashamed of yourself. You don’t have to like his music but appreciate what he trying to do.

    • brza

      keep drinking the Kool Aid buddy

  • DJCognac

    I’m going to become an asshole and be bigger than CThaGod EVER WAS! bwahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  • Billow Baggins