New Music: Vado Ft. Rick Ross x French Montana “Look Me In My Eyes”


Don’t Blink.

Vado’s on his grind and is releasing his Sinatra EP soon. And with Scott Storch behind he boards and Montana on the hook, he shares his vision on his latest release with Rozay.

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  • vadohater

    wack bruh

    • where’shiphop

      totally agree…this song actually made me mad and the hook pissed me off!

  • nirusxhonda

    vado this is okay but its all the way there its okay.

  • IG: AADimes

    Vado dope but haven’t found his lane yet. When he do he will be a beast!

    • The Incredible Creation

      hmmm. I think he been found his lane (musically) the shit him and Cam was doing .. man oh man.. smh he should’ve kept goin with Killa… nigga just wanted to hop on what’s “hot” or “warm” ..whatever lol Khaled & YMCMB/We the Best not gonna build his brand properly… niggas still tryna figure out what to do with Ace after 3-4 albums… -_-

  • LOL

    perfect beat wasted on these scrubs.

  • Chad Law

    Vado is just a victim of the #StayRelevant movement.

    • And you are? #irrelevant …Besides, this sound is far from what’s on the radio. Just some cosigns on the track with ’em. #NothingwrongWithThat Stop hating that’s a weak emotion.

      • Chad Law

        LMAO this won’t stay on the radio for another week I’m confident of that. Run-of-the-mill Vado verses ain’t cutting it. As A-Dam Hater, I’m going to continue the slander.

        • Prestige

          This Roger Klotz mf must be kidding…you obviously ain’t from NY homie..Vado been relevant, been the streets, been Harlem , just hasn’t got the recognition bc cats like u continue to hate. This track is fire

  • BillyBobJohn

    i knew this was coming smh

  • IamRealTalk-BdotLivesWithDad

    this nigga got the we the best starter kit…. drake or french hook n a ross verse smh

    • ross on jayz’s nutsack

      ha ha yeah thats exactly the forumla they do. but when its 3 years out of date…done to death………..time to hang it up.
      french and ross fell off quickly.
      meek fell off…..the others never got on.
      fat trel another no star quality d class rapper who gonna be hyped up and end up like rockie fresh and stalley. doing nothing.

      mmg is finished.

    • Viva LA Raza

      We The Best starter kit??

      The hook is horrible…

    • Leon Sandcastle

      “We The Best starter kit” LMAO. exactly.

      I kinda like the song but this was so predictable. We can expect Meek and/or Ace Hood to jump on the remix.

    • The Incredible Creation


  • srucker

    this is what happens when u believe ya own hype and start reachin… lets be serious..niggaz only gave him a pass cuz CAM made him hot…

  • LP1087

    Who da hell said French was the new Akon. SMMFH

    • The Incredible Creation

      somebody did… that’s why he left Akon label to do the Bad Boy/MMG shit and take Akon spot in the game lol smh

  • Guillermo Junior

    at least it aint no turn-up shit

  • Booty Brown

    i hope scott stortch gets his shit together, cause this is a sound i miss and he still got it.

  • brollya

    i dont even fuck wit vado no more…. dis nigga sold his sold to we the best for a chain and car… slime flu>>>mmg….lik 2 ore 3 years ago, i was a vado head bra… he was spittin on that nas and large professor at the bbque freestyle and puttin dat work in….. shit hopefully cam and juelz get back together now so thank vado for selling his soul for 40,000

  • Billow Baggins
  • Clarence Major

    All I wanted is for my story/music to be heard @Majorwayy

  • Baby Dogg


  • inf

    I like this but it sounds like it shouldve came out in 2004.