New Video: Fabolous “Everything Was The Same”

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Karen Civil Ya.

As Fab gears up for the release of Soul Tape 3, he drops off the project’s first installation. If Fab keeps rapping like this, he might have to put Sport back to his name. Tape drops December 25th.

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  • brza

    this is dope

  • nahhh

    One of the most underrated rappers in the game. Has been and always will be, unfortunately.

  • smfh

    everybody sound like drake feat drake not u to fab

  • smfh

    drake feat drake not u to fab lol

  • Stiz Grimey

    Damn Fab b recyclin maddd bars

    • areal1

      He does it on purpose this is the third installment of soul tape so this intro is like a continuation of the last two intros from pt 1 and 2 he starts and ends all the intros the same

      • blax

        Thank u…these ppl didn’t realise that…#loso…gonna be a great mix
        tape as expected

      • oneloveonebeing

        did not know this was the reasoning, thanks bro

      • LuckyP757

        fam don’t explain to them super stupid niggas especially those leaving their bs visuals along with ridiculous comments. them orphan annie niggas

        • Stiz Grimey

          lol muthafuckas talkin bout hate n leavin these bitter ass comments.. suck an aids dick.. i gurantee you alot off ppl dont kno thats the reasoning.. smh

          • LuckyP757

            smh, and after all that, your video has been out since JUNE and still hasnt reached 4500 views. your attention is clearly being spent on the wrong shit

      • Shyne Coldchain

        People who dont really fuck with Fab would say stupid shit like he recycling bars…. lol that shit funny as hell… its always some type of hate…

      • Stiz Grimey

        ahhhhh aight den i didnt even realize that.. Fabs a fuckin beats tho aint no disputin that

  • areal1

    When it comes to rhymes features and mixtapes fab never disappoints one of the best now complete albums…. another story

  • Novakaine

    For as lazy as he is still the undisputed king of New York

  • LikeJordan


  • Bkmkj

    Niggz really trying to compare fab the great to drake the emo rapper??? Stop it my nigg fab is an impeccable rapper…drake is not on his level fugg that…

  • GreenBergs

    i hope fab delivers with this tape.

    • El Moreno

      He did with 1 and 2 plus this song is the realist song of the year…yea ST3 sounds like wat we all been needing

  • LuckyP757

    tough!! can’t wait for the tape

  • Emilio Bonilla

    did anyone notice that closing shot?

    • Johnnie Rawker

      that was dope. wonder if the camera was on a crane/arm or a helicopter

    • The Incredible Creation

      had to watch it a second time… very good…

    • LJ45

      Niggas are impressed with the helicopter cam and recycled bars?

  • Shenny_Ron

    flow sucks ass. Somebody already rap over it, and did it ten times better.Aren’t you rich? buy some beats nigga.Go pack to the past where you belong fab.

  • titus tucker

    His flow was so pocket and the video was so high quality. This would be the only time I wanna see the behind the scenes just so I can see how they got the arial shots. But, this is rapradar comments and it’s not cool to think something B.Dot post is cool so, “THIS IS WACK B.. HE COPYIN DRAKE STYLE SON..”


  • All Day


  • MJ Anonymous

    That was awesome

  • Dwight Stewart

    FAB is goin’ Damn he spit real shit!

  • kanye west

    fabolous looking like a grandpa. drake already bodied this beat.

  • Bibby

    This feels So Soulful!!

  • Billow Baggins

  • Clarence Major

    @Majorwayy has the HOTTEST single on the planet