‘South Park’ Spoofs Kanye West


She’s Not A Hobbit.

South Park is at it again. And on last night’s season finale, the show parodied Kanye West and fiance, Kim Kardashian. They also spoofed his “Bound 2” video. Surely, we can expect a “stream of┬áconsciousness” any day now.

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  • The Incredible Creation

    Kanye won’t like this lol

    • Shoom Isaacs


      • The Incredible Creation

        you like Milly a bit? =)

    • Damian Marshall


  • Musikal

    Just saw the episode funny.

  • @SxlxJxnes

    lmaoooo this nigga gon have a fit.


  • The Almighty

    hold up, sorry

  • brza

    lol this was great

  • Chronic

    Hahahah this episode was a great end to one of the funniest seasons in a while I fuckin lost it during every scene with kanye, the bound 2 video might even be funnier than gay fish was

    • Nothing is funnier than Gay Fish.

      • Chronic

        yea, not gonna lie I went back and watched gay fish after I wrote that comment…and its no comparison

        • In my opinion Gay Fish is the best songin Kanye’s entire catalogue. Talking shit to JimmybKimmel is one but Kanye better know Matt Stone and Trey Parker are a different kind of animal