New Music: T-Pain “Shit (Remix)”

shit remix

Deading Shit.

Over Future’s own “Shit”, T-Pain takes the opportunity to address his comeback and the rumors of his beef with his fellow auto-tune user.  Stoicville: The Phoenix coming soon.


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  • Iam Taunt

    • MrSkeezyMak

      Not a single female in that video? C’mon bruh, where the “top notch models”? 🙁

    • tired of stupid lying c#%ts

      GAR-BAGE,,,,that’s BASURA BRO!!
      You in a damn wine store holding up bottles (thats still closed) ahahaha you “flexing” huh ahahaha fucking clown.
      Aye this aint hate, Im just “Taunt-ing” ya weak ass….do something nigga!

    • tired of stupid lying c#%ts

      you a MAJOR FRAUD at that too….tell me why out of bout 10 comments you got on this bullshit song on youtube, every single one that gave you a “damn this is good” “yo you sexy, I like this song” comment…ALL OF THOSE ACCOUNTS have only done 1 thing and that’s commented on this song. AND ALL THOSE ACCOUNTS from supposedly different people ALL made those accounts on Sept. 23/24.
      Wow what a coincidence huh….
      FUCK OUTTA HERE ahahahah you frauding!!
      liking ya own song, making fake accounts and telling YASELF how much you like YASELF and how sexy YASELF is…wow ahahahahah
      Im sorry I’ve roasted you beyond repair….go find something else to do!
      Sincerely, Mr. Taunt-ing Lying Fake ass FUCK BOYS like you

  • Chronic

    Like the tuned-down auto-tune, not as annoying as usual t-pain, but still not a good song

  • LA MA


  • IG: AADimes

    glad to see T-Pain back at it! the boi dope! Future will never be Pain.

  • Matthew Morgan

    What alot of people dont know is t pain is a pretty good writer

  • Billow Baggins

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