New Video: Beyonce x Drake “Mine”

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It’s Yourz.

Jiggaman wasn’t the only rapper on Bey’s tracklist. Back on the beach, Mrs. Carter takes love too far in her artsy visual featuring Aubrey. The video is one of the 17 clips off her BeyoncĂ© album. Do it all for a good girl and download here.

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  • daman

    Key Wane killed it on the production!

  • cj

    @daman 40- drake’s producer produced It..

  • Adam Arsenal

    Shame that the video doesn’t include Drake’s second (and much longer) verse.

  • iamsherman

    The Take Over is Real. #Legendary #WhileYouWereSleeping …

  • michael

    What is this white face rascist shit I’m watching lmao

    • lolitapeel

      they’re statues.

  • Iam Taunt
    • estwst

      Drop a different video fam.. this one aint it

    • stay in school

    • iHateWrestling


    • tired of stupid lying c#%ts

      you a MAJOR FRAUD….tell me why out of bout 10 comments you got on this bullshit song on youtube, every single one that gave you a “damn this is good” “yo you sexy, I like this song” comment…ALL OF THOSE ACCOUNTS have only done 1 thing and that’s commented on this song. AND ALL THOSE ACCOUNTS from supposedly different people ALL made those accounts on Sept. 23/24.

      Wow what a coincidence huh….

      FUCK OUTTA HERE ahahahah you frauding!!

      liking ya own song, making fake accounts and telling YASELF how much you like YASELF and how sexy YASELF is…wow ahahahahah

      Im sorry but go find something else to do, real recognize real n you aint looking familiar at all homie!

      Sincerely, Mr. Taunt-ing Lying Fake ass FUCK BOYS like you

      • Strong Enough

        tell em why you mad bro

  • haann

    Drake season, too bad they cut his verse out of the video he killing it

    • FRee

      there’s another verse?

      • haann

        yup, in the audio version

  • kanye west

    didn’t do nothing for me. kind of boring.

    • The Incredible Creation

      So, this isn’t the BEST video of the year, Kanye?! *somebody call Taylor Swift!* lol

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    What a great song and video! Love the different parts! 😀

  • Overit

    I can’t stand the Martha Graham Lamentation rip off. When is Beyonce going to come up with her own ideas. Stop stealing copying dance and music icons and calling it your own. Its been done!!!!

    • T W

      Damn, how does that salt taste? Shut your bitter ass up. There’s no such thing as homage to past performers? BTW, these people she’s “stealing and copying” didn’t come up with the shit they did either, just like BeyoncĂ© doesn’t even come up with the majority of her choreography, so if you’re that emotional about it, take it up with the people hired to put the dance pieces together. You’re mad about BeyoncĂ© honoring old art, how about musicians out there who built entire careers “inventing” styles, trends, and sounds that already existed. She just made history and you have nothing but shade to throw on the same day over a weak ass belief, Just stand on the sideline while this rich broad goes Platinum yet again, hater.

      • tired of stupid lying c#%ts

        perfectly put…couldn’t have said it better myself!
        Anyway WHEN is he gonna pay homage to ME? Everyone knows that I started that 4 exclamation points shit!!!! I’m the originator, he just duplicate whats already BEEN DONE!!!! ahahahahaha

  • YoungN’
  • DannyDingus


  • Damian Marshall

    Did Drake Pen this?

    • BBB


  • Shenny_Ron

    This sounds so mediocre. The beat and lyrics are not memorable. I kind of expected more out of Drake/Beyonce collab. I’m to starting to realize how limited Drake’s vocal range is, that is probably why he has to hire real singers like Sampha and the Weeknd to help with records focus around singing. Gambino stealing your Steez ,Drake and doing it much better than you.

  • The Incredible Creation

    Its a GOOD song.. stop expecting [so much] from these artists, they aren’t perfect and they can’t appeal to everyone 100% of the time.. Everybody wanna be a critic but can’t come close to doing some of the shit these people do… let’em live a bit..

  • Billow Baggins
  • Mike
  • Clarence Major

    @Majorwayy has the HOTTEST single on the planet right now

  • Jon Clem

    My review is right here.

  • MassConglom


  • o’block234

    THIS SHIT CREEPY .. > .<


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  • WhatYouNeed

    Check This Out {New Official Video} D.weathers FT. Junior Ahh “I Like” (Prod/Directed By. Zackiya Roberts/Taya Simmons)

  • LP1087

    Sounds like Drake words too me. Bey just muscle’d them,as usual