Beyonce Breaks iTunes Record


Bow Down, Bitches.

It’s only been 72 hours since Beyonce released her self titled LP and it’s already making history. iTunes, announced that the project has become their fastest selling album with 828,773 copies sold. More than likely, the album will debut at the top of the Billboard charts this Thursday. Peep her “XO” video below.

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  • Donn

    Damn! No hate over here, congratulations B, real shit. Iconic shit in a time where this don’t happen, let alone happen in 2 days. Inspiring shit

    • Word

      It didnt happen in 2 days, this was over the course of a week.

      • Extra Domus

        read the article it says 72 hours

      • Donn

        Beyonce’ was released Dec.13th 2013

        Today is Dec.16th. About 2 days

        • Word

          My bad, for a second I thought this was a typical album release. I remember it came out right after Scandal though.

        • p0is0nedkoola on Twitter

          13th is day 1
          14th is day 2
          15th is day 3
          16th is now day 4

          I’m guessing you’re not an accountant.

          • blackholesurfer

            72 hours is 72 hours though right so that makes it 3DAYS MUCHACO. lol im guessing your just wrong.

      • StrictlyJ

        it wasn’t a week, it was Friday to Sunday, 3 days…

      • Dice

        Dumb ass of the week

      • Fun_Syze

        It wasn’t a week. The album was released around 12:30AM Saturday morning (December 14th). These numbers were out yesterday. That’s 3 days, not 7 lol.

  • ilexx

    Somebody tell Kanye that’s how you release an album with no promotion.

  • game changer

  • Word

    Can’t hate on this. But, this is the result of NO LEAKS and straight digital sales. This should make artist not even wanna put physicals out anymore.

    • Zorbo85

      Exactly by doing so an artist or label NEVER have to worry about it leaking.
      Just release it on Itunes a few days after the news drops!!

  • Shawn Carter

    I wonder how much of those sales were made in the U.S. alone?

    • eastpointvet

      the article says 614k i think was domestic #newrules

  • done.

    The CD is dead.

  • Billow Baggins

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  • mike

    Check out this music video!!!

  • p0is0nedkoola on Twitter

    Anyone gonna mention that Beyonce probably did this after her first attempts at singles were yawned at?
    Or that Beyonce’s last album had no hits?
    or that Radiohead did this first?
    or that Beyonce needs a feature on a bunch of songs w/them in the video to get attention?

    Either way, congrats. That’s a lot of sales. Too bad the music is average , at best.

    • UPT

      eat a dick u maggot!

      • p0is0nedkoola on Twitter

        LOL . Beyonce stans. Always hurt

    • Fun_Syze

      You sound upset though. It’s some of her best work musically and visually. Give her props without the bullshit on top of it. She did shit the way she wanted to and she’s breaking records.

      • p0is0nedkoola on Twitter

        Upset? The music sucks? I said congrats on the sales. I acknowledged that part, but I don’t have to pretend to like the music to uphold the popular opinion

        • Fun_Syze

          I just thought it was funny that you mixed one positive thing inside a bunch of negative. You’re not hating cause you said “congrats” right? That’s what teachers call the “sandwich” effect lol

          • p0is0nedkoola on Twitter

            We must have had different teachers because what I’m saying is congrats on selling a lot of records of bad music. Not congrats on selling a lot of records, you’re a star, you’re the greatest, you’re an icon, oh but your music sucks. THAT’S the sandwich affect.

            Beyonce is an ok singer in a weak market. R&B is weak, let Beyonce have come out in the 90s w/MJB & all the great girl groups? Or the 60s w/Otis, Aretha, Marvin?

            Let me stop cause….I’m wasting my time and yours.

  • novakaine


  • MassConglom

    Bey Beastin,lol. I know RIRI mad right now. Now look at this video I edited for my airbrush homies.

  • MassConglom
  • Zorbo85

    This is what Eminem should have done with the MMLP2 instead of listening to Paul Rosenberg and release it to coincide with the cack COD Ghosts!!
    If he would have just came out and said bam here is MMLP2 it would have easily sold like his first album of 1.7 million first week!!
    Berzerk and Survival killed the albums interest, those 2 should have never been on the album, the first track dropped should have been Rap God, then Stan follow up Bad Guy with an awesome video and it would have sold amazingly well.
    The first 4 singles should have been Rap God,Bad Guy,Beautiful Pain and Headlights.

  • Zorbo85

    What Beyonce has done is an amazing idea.No marketing,no news,nothing.
    Then just out of the blue announce a brand new album just available for Itunes and not have to worry about leaks!!

  • sheeiitt

    crazy how much she hates being black, shes about 20 shades lighter these days. Must be hanging out with sammy sosa