Kendrick Lamar On Grammy Nominations

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Envelope Please.

Backstage at Power 106’s Cali Christmas concert, Kendrick Lamar talked to Rikki Martinez about his  Grammy nominations including Album Of The Year. Find out who wins January 26 on CBS.

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  • The Incredible Creation
  • tyshaun YADIDI

    Super corny but fine

  • tpayas

    Bitch is fine as hell…

  • JMcL

    he better win album of the year

  • Da Business

    I bet u that he gets robbed by Macklemore. SMH, it will be a huge slap to the face for hip hop. Macklemore did he’s thing, no doubt. But, on no PLANET is “The Heist” better than “GKMC”.


  • kanye west

    why is his arms around her, shit looks awkward. she can get the d though.