New Music: Chris Brown Ft. Lil Wayne x French Montana “Loyal”


Loyalty Before Royalty.If good girls are hard to come by, Cris Brown’s having a problem finding Mrs. Right. The song features Wezzy and French and should appear on Chris’ upcoming album X next year. Too $hort version also included below.


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  • Ebro

    Who the fuck is wezzy?!

  • aintshit

    why is this nigga trying to design like tyler the creator??

    • The Incredible Creation

      first thought when I saw the artwork lol


      What a shame! The music ind. would of been better without him! on well atleast we have this! RIP Brett Michaels!!! IAOH..

  • realniggaauthentic

    Who the hell typing for you B.Dot?

    • DatPrettyMF

      blogger fail

  • ian

    this bite is on some tyson holyfield shit

  • BillyBobJohn

    French Montana would sell his own mother for a bag of money

  • Yeah

    I’m really over the Cali radio sound. Wasn’t ever on it. Btw making rich and bitch rhyme over and over is dude with a sucky freestyle level.

    • Gary O

      Unfortunately, none of these guys are from the West Coast.This is just that “solely for the radio” stuff.

  • The Incredible Creation

    Interesting song about “loyalty” when (lets be honest) MOST niggas aren’t loyal to women anyway (esp. “rich” artists who can fuck just about any gal in the world) so why cry about her being loyal to u? lol | Weezy wanted to leave Cash Money for the ROC (cc. first Dedication mixtape) | French Montana via the Khaled x 50 situation + he used to diss Ross & Wayne on his old mixtapes lol (lets start taking these types of songs literal from these so-called “real niggas”) …its more than music right? smh – fuck wit Milly tho

  • WhatYouNeed

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  • Limb0

    lol i thought this was some odd future shit making fun of cb at first

  • Atlboi1985

    Best weezy verse in a minute…

  • BEE

    Not so amazing by me, wayne verse was the highlight of the song, I wish it was longer, but fuck it, people can actually vibe to this song. French Montana bit on flows here (a flow that biggie created and Jay and Wayne recycled), he also bit on Mase flow on mo money mo problems (Schooled me to the game now I know my duty)

  • skwaran7

    What’s up with the clear odd future artwork?

  • DesiJatt

    weezy killed it cuz

  • KayandGee

    this is a banger! that beat nice,that laidback westcoast sound is back