New Video: Eminem x Rihanna “The Monster”

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Blast From The Past.

With the aide of Dr. Rihanna, Eminem faces his past addiction while revisiting the highs and lows of his career. MMLP2 in stores now.

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  • novakaine

    They both crazy as fuck that’s why they well together

  • jason jerkoff

    its ok nothing special …..

    • Warrens finest

      Just ems first #1 single. That’s all. Chart topping monster no biggie

      • tpayas

        Uhhh no? Lose Yourself? Crack a Bottle? Not Afraid? Love the Way You Lie? It’s his 5th No. 1 dumbass.

        • It’s doom ass

          Yeah but not on the hot 100

          • tpayas

            Wrong. All of those topped Billboard Hot 100.

  • jason jerkoff

    and I think eminems flow is starting to sound outdated …

    • Ruby Tuesday

      Switch hands

  • rez

    does this guy not age?

  • 8Galaxy5

    Shits crazy,look at those 8mile scenes..he looks totally the same as he did 10 years ago.Almost freaky to

  • djdoit

    It’s not that special because he’s like maryln manson he’s shocked us all with everything. You cant dupicate that moment again, at least for this artist. But i think overall the project was a solid effeort. Just like the rest of his albums theyll grow on you and, the video is a nice compliment to the song. Besides the fact radio has worn this to the bone, Eminem has established his boice and style in this form. Expect this or something similar. The same Dick talk from Lil wayne is tolerated over and over. We accept that shit. This deserves a pass.

  • Respect

    Best Videos

  • Abe6772

    The videos very symbolic and Rihanna is so hot with dark makeup. Ri and em wasn’t together in the video

  • newflynation
    dope song by newflyg feat tabi booney worth your listen

  • anonymous

    album was great, but this single aint nothing but Rihanna featuring Eminem just the names reversed

  • MassConglom

    I don’t really like the beat but the lyrics and the video are dope. Eminem still a beast with the pen. Now look at this video I edited for my airbrush homies.

  • Betcha wish u could emulate

    You think that I’m crazy. Well that’s not fair. This is art. But u just start tearing it apart

  • Oz

    garbage his turned into what he came in the game knocking, sorry marshal…its pop

  • AJX

    wow Dope video, love the last bit where the caged em handing rhymes to the other em! DOPE! RR should provide info on who directed this video and other credits, they deserve to be mentioned!


    the video is fantastic!!!! I still don’t really like the song though…

  • brxa

    dope video great concept

  • nachit

    Great album, great song and video. He’s the best in rap industry

  • pop lock the pimp

    Rhianna is tasty!

  • Jeff Eastland (First Dirt ™)

    Cool. Not bad by Eminem and Rihanna’s standards.

    60East New Mixtape “Mood Muzik” out now on datpiff. Check it out and support that real hip-hop ish….

  • Oz

    you can tell its garbage, eminem drops a video 24 comments- back in the day shit would have been in the hundreds, his resting on his past laurels

    • shayden2kz

      Back in the day there wasnt social media the way it is now. Therefore you didnt get to read comments like these days from fans. And there is less comments cuz no one can hate on or deny the skill he puts in every video. But Im sure it wont stop people like u from trying!