• p0is0nedkoola on Twitter

    Ebro: “complex….nerdy blogger”
    as he sits next to Rosenberg, king of the hip hop nerds!!!
    I stopped it right there.
    Ebro is a joke & has sunk HOT 97 in his effort to be famous. Like the James Dolan (NYK Owner) of this shit

    • Ha! I knew I wasn’t alone.

  • JMcL

    i completly disagree with complexs top 50 list.

  • Belize

    Wale ..Ebro…the definition of fuckniggas

  • Starlion

    this just made me get Wale album



    • Da Business

      No homo, but I’ve missed u bruh…

      And u’re dead on about Wale.

    • ODB


  • Judge Dredd

    This nigga is a fucking loser…. sick and tired of these geeky, overly sensitive bitch made dudes getting clout and money as rappers….. Making the culture look real suspect b…. That goes for the two clowns that are the face of this sight as well. Elliot and B.dot, these clown “journalists” are not of the culture…. Dick sucking, brown nosing LAMES.

    • me

      Well Put !!!

    • Bibby

      So who would you say is of the culture if Elliot Wilson is not of the culture… Hip Hop don’t know you!

  • RaysMissingWhiteSuit

    I don’t disagree with Complex’s top 2 picks, but Wale should’ve been on the list(even tho, personally, I think the album was boring and trash). Enough people eff with it to make the list(I guess).

  • Da Business

    Wale, worrying about what Complex thinks is silly bruh. Focus on getting better as an emcee. U should be worrying about catching up to Drake, K.Dot, and Cole. Them [email protected]$ r leaving u in the dust.


    • ODB

      his wordplay has theres beat by a longggg shot you niggas not listening to be honest!!

      • Da Business

        Wale’s beat selection is pretty good, I’ll give him that. As an MC tho, something is not connecting w/ the ppl. Honestly, if Big Sean didn’t drop a sub par lp, he’d be over him as well.

        Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t…

        • ODB

          so numbers determine what exactly? I sure as hell as a fan dont give a fuck about numbers its not making me rich.. but thats a topic for another day! As a MC he commands a crowd on stage go to a concert, its his flow that has others sleeping but if they just listen everything not gonna be MORE ABOUT NOTHING then again its gets better Eleven One Eleven, to Folarin (ppl) are just half listeners now a days and they shoot it down based on a comment from a Mac Diesel ha

          yall can hate my opinion now lmaoo #teamwale

  • B.

    Look, Wale had the No. 1 album (NOT Rap Album) in the country this year on a list that changes every week. There are 52 weeks in a year and Wale can’t make top 50 on Complex? That Complex list is inaccurate. And the people who buy albums know it!

  • Vurbz Fenomeno

    Wale’s one of my favorite rappers. top 10 but i gotta say it, this dude sippin on that kanye juice..fall back with all that..you’re gonna make the ppl who already rock witchu fall off because they can’t respect you outside of the booth

  • Ben

    WALE SUCKS ASSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! This burnt turd thinks he’s more than what he is. You ain’t deep, your delivery SUCKS ASSSSS and you’re BORING as fuck!!!! You just might not have it homie. Wale like most new rappers can spit, but they’re saying absolutely NOTHING!!!

  • Dashing28

    Wale is right.m People don’t like him and maybe he looked like a lame spazzing, but he’s right. His album absolutely should have been on the list. “88” “LoveHate Thing” “Bad” “Heaven’s Rotation” alone are better songs than most rap albums.

    Rap albums on the list that The Gifted is definitely better than:

    Big Sean, Hall of Fame
    Birdman & Rick Ross, The H
    Kid Cudi -I nda Cud
    A$AP Ferg – Trap Lord
    Danny Brown – Old

    Straight up Wale needs to drop a video for that “Gullible” record right now.cause it touches on a lot of this BS.

    • Luke

      Everything you just said is true, except Gifted is not better than Old. Trap Lord is arguable better too.

      • Nigel Uno

        Gifted was wack

      • Dashing28

        I think that’s personal preference, but Trap Lord just didn’t do it for me like that. I like individual records, but the album just aint hit me like that.

        I like Old, but it didn’t blow me away either. I might be a little more old school though and I fuck with the live music, soul sound, and lyrical content on The Gifted.

        Think about it though. “Bad” was killing it on radio.”LoveHate Thing” was killing it on radio. “Clappers” is killing the clubs. “88” is that lyrical street record on a Just Blaze beat. The record with Meek is crazy. There are still joints that I think could be singles too, like that “Vanity” record and “Gullible” with Cee Lo. Thought it was a very well rounded, cohesive album.

        on a related note…on the low Wale’s verse on Rapsody’s “Dark Knights” is one of the best guest verses of the year.

    • B

      The Gifted was fire, but your list is wrong. everything you listed is equal or better except The H, that shit was wack. give credit were credit is due, and wale def. deserves some tho I agree

      • Dashing28

        Agree to disagree. I was very disappointed by the BigSean album and the Kid Cudi album, to me, is terrible. The production just sounds amateurish to me.

  • Curtis Bleaux

    what’s the name of Wale’s Album? I think he’s talented and I do think he’s changed as a lyricist under the Maybach Music Brand… The Complex should make him work harder on his next album… “FTA!”

    • Dashing28

      The Gifted. Honestly, there’s nothing MMG-esque about the album. Just listen to it. Even the feature with Meek doesn’t sound like what you’d normally hear him on.

  • Nigel Uno


    • ODB

      smh hater

  • TimeChange

    i been ignoring wale for awhile,cuz he look like a cornball to me, but i might have to review his stuff and see what he really about. i like what he’s saying.

  • ODB

    Pac was just as out spoken, just because a nigga has passion for his craft and not putting out anything makes him homo??

    you niggas is really funny acting! Theres no way in hell he shouldn’t have made that 50 list. But thats another topic for another day.

    People aren’t allowed to be passionate about what they love, what they pour their heart and soul into?

    • Rick DeHonney

      Yea. But pac was a great rapper…..

      • Bibby

        I am about to make y’all really mad by telling the truth… Pac was not a “great rapper” He was a great artist he was a good rapper not in the the top ten MC’s of all time. God Bless the Dead

  • Rick DeHonney

    Wale is a better rapper than a lot of the rapppers on that list but his album is not better than the majority of that list. Since he wants to bring up sports he’s the overhyped “talented” athlete who thinks he’s better than he is. He showed us how good he could could be but never lived up to his potential. There are good artists who make average music and average artists who make good music.

  • B

    keep ya head up wale, your shit was fire. i’ll cop an album just cuz you deserve it. keep the good music coming

  • DaJuan

    Wale has to channel this emotion into his raps bro. If you have a “fuck the critics” mentality then let us know through the music.

  • The Almighty

    I just gotta say that Kid Cudi’s album “Indicud” was wack… and I fucks wit dude, but it is what it is, Wale’s album was way better by far

  • Viva La Raza

    5:30 in, this guy is digging himself deeper.

    You cant scapegoat a lack of media training for not knowing how to interact with people. These skills are sharpened in the streets, in school, in jobs, within your family…

    Watch as Wale’s actions turns off fans like these guys do:
    50 Cent
    Yelawolf (starting to)

    Great artistry overshadowed by wild emotion (not passion)
    Passion is rooted, emotion (Wale) is flighty changing its face like the fucking weather

  • Dev

    Kendrick my guy but why does Rosenberg bring him up in EVERY conversation he is having?

    • The Real

      He getting paid to…lol… paid word of mouth. Like the people who get paid to go to random bars and drink a certain liquor so that people thinks its famous.

  • Ocho

    If anybody heard Wale’s album… u know its at least…at least… top 10 rap albums of 2013… just give the man the respect his music deserves… just my opinion

  • PhilLee8

    Is it cold in there?

  • Top5iveAlive

    when wale said he’s not for the money

  • Top5iveAlive

    when wale says he’s not begging but he’s begging.