Louis Farrakhan Defends Kanye West

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As-salamu Alaykum.

Although the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) disapproved of Kanye West’s classism comments on The Breakfast Club, not everyone is up in arms. Hip-Hop’s unofficial mediator Lois Farrakhan, says he stands by Kanye’s remarks and that he shouldn’t have to apologize. This will not end well.

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  • squad

    Up and arms

  • LA

    Deep like the mind of FarrakhaAnnotaten
    A motherfucking rap phenomenon

  • One Time

    was kanye lying? its good to see someone not afraid to set up in his defense.

  • GreenBergs

    lololol guarantee kanye works with many jews…who aren’t offended by his comments

    • onenutned

      long as he makin they money..they give no fuck.

  • Viva La Raza

    wow….Kanye got the co-sign. This is impressive

  • The Almighty

    Preach Brotha!

  • novakaine

    The race baters in the media want race to be an issue in America Obama Kanye Jesse Jackson al Sharpton then they can invoke Marshall law only problem is kids these days think a revolution is blacking out their instagram pics


  • HeyBuddy

    Maybe it’s just me, but this is so similar to when the American Muslim leaders jumped on Ali’s bandwagon. Hmmm money maybe. And then on the downside of that period that he went through, they dumped him.

    Idk just an opinion though.

    • disqus_wwA9fXC6UH

      Farrakhan and Muhammad Ali talk frequently and remain friends. What are you talking about? Your opinion is worthless as it is supported by no facts, only conjecture.

  • Jig-ah

    Yeah…Where y’all White Kids at…I know this MAN put the FEAR in y’all HEART just by speaking the TRUTH…# God Knows

    • Jig-ah is gay

      bro not all white ppl have connections, white ppl be poor too. im white and theres nothing you could do or say or anyone for that fact that would put fear in me. you sound dum as fuk kid. the only thing anyone should be afraid of is god TRUTH

      • disqus_wwA9fXC6UH

        Kanye, nor Farrakhan is not speaking about the poor Gentiles (white people who are not Jews), nor the Jews who sincerely keep the Mosaic Law and revere the Torah, not the Talmud. Min Farrakhan and Kanye are talking about Satanic forces themselves masquerading under God’s holy and righteous name.

  • Dope

    So he’s supported by a pretty racist group leader and that’s a good thing for him now?

    I know rap sites adore everything black, but a racist is a racist no matter what is their skin color, and the whole Nation of Islam is basically an extremist group that has NOTHING substantial to do with hip-hop.

    • disqus_wwA9fXC6UH

      Name one incident where the Nation of Islam has harmed any white people on the basis of their color, denied any white people a job or discriminated in any way against any white folk solely on the basis of their color depriving them of their rights.

  • g_assnigga

    yo im white and my family never had any connections. im part irish and we were actually the first indentured servants in america before slavery we aint never had shit either its not all white ppl and its not just black ppl

    • 6 ft. 1

      No Shit! I’m Irish also and No-one ever gave us shit! My family has worked for every-fuckin-thing we have… Poverty doesn’t discriminate! It’s like Killer Mike says, “Black and White don’t matter! If we’re both on the BOTTOM we’re the same fucking color… Dirt Fucking Poor”!

  • thepenguin

    Defending racism with racism….yeah thats hiphop.

    • disqus_wwA9fXC6UH

      Did Kanye speak the truth or not? Simple question. There is no question that Jews are connected/networked better than anyone on Earth. That’s actual fact that even Jews who are willing to tell the truth will not deny. Anytime someone wishes to criticize the Jewish community on the basis of truth they are called racist or anti-Semitic. Question. Who are the Semitic people? Who are the Real Children of Israel? The Semitic people are Aboriginal peoples. And it’s the Black (and Original) people of North America who are the Real Children of Israel and are indeed God’s Chosen People (Genesis 13:15). The European Ashkhanazi Jews masquerading as Jews (not the sincere ones who keep the Sabbath and eat according to Mosaic Law) following the Talmud (a man made text) and not the Torah (God’s revealed word) are not real Jews.

      Farrakhan is the Jews last chance to get it right before God makes them get it right. Take it or let it alone, but I would suggest you take it.


    farrakkan is a MUSLIM terrorist who built Chicago in the 60s with qaddafi
    read up on this chump he is no better than a war criminal only his soldiers kill young americans MINDS
    and kanye is a fag

    • disqus_wwA9fXC6UH

      A terrorist? Min Farrakhan has never been arrested. Nation of Islam members are not allowed to carry any weapons, not even so much as a pen knife. There are no incidents of any bombings connected with the NOI. If anything, it sounds like you are terrorized by a message of truth that cleans up Black people making them strong, peaceful and productive. At Min Farrakhan’s call (directed by God), nearly 2 million BLACK men gathered at the Million Man March in Washington, DC October 16, 1995 and there was not single fight. Not a single argument. Not single arrest. Perfect peace from God. The NOI hasn’t burned any star and crescent logs on any white folk’s lawns, either. Get your facts straight.

  • GodDyhu Harrison

    Why does this surprise the Black community? Kanye West only wants to be treated equal, racism is still alive in a new form that is now called classism. Anyone thats hearing out Kanye’s pleas right now could realize that his pleas are 100% reasonable, he’s only trying to take the world and elevate them to the next level. As a black community we are constantly getting either lowballed or black balled for all of OUR actions and are magnified on a 100x level than the Jewish/white community

  • 2x

    He said “Jewish” he said nothing about race or color … plus racism is proved by action he has never ordered any attacks on white people or any people for that matter … plus I don’t give a damn what you think of him he has stood on the platform of truth and can’t be bought with a dollar …. TEACH HARD dear Minister!!!!

  • marouane

    im muslim
    farrakhan duz say some good things from time to time
    but i cant forgive the nation for what part they played in Malcolm X’s death

    • disqus_wwA9fXC6UH

      If Min Farrakhan was even remotely guilty of Malcolm X’s death then the government would have charged him a long time ago and buried him underneath a prison. He was in no way responsible for Malcolm’s death. The enemies of Black people’s rise accuse Min Farrakhan of being in some responsible for Malcolm’s death, yet the US government refuses to open ALL of the files associated with Malcolm X’s assassination. Why? Because they know that the US Government was DIRECTLY involved in Malclolm X’s assassination. Declassified COINTELPRO files record FBI agents bragging about how they help orchestrate Malcolm’s assassination.

      You’ll always have zealots. We don’t know who pulled the triggers (but the US Govt knows!). The Hon Elijah Muhammad told members not harm Malcolm. The only ones who benefited from Malcolm’s assassination were the enemies of Black people. Certainly not the NOI. In fact, the larger Black community has a gaping open wound when it comes to this tragedy.

  • SpaceGhost

    Now….THAT…..is how you let the jewISH (ish, meaning likened to, but not TRUE TO IT’S ESSENCE. NOT A NATIVE, BUT SOMETHING LIKE A JEW) tricksters know that the multiiverse belongs to us!

  • Damian Marshall

    Bong, Bong

  • Why is this dude defending Kanye? That makes him look trivial as hell. Farrakhan has got to let go of the anti-jew thing, man. Rightly or wrongly, Farrakhan has a very respected voice. Using his voice to minimize antisemitism is a mistake. It’s a big part of the reason that most people don’t take him seriously as it is. Kanye’s comment made it seem like all Jewish people have connections and control in society. I’m sure that’s not how he meant it, but you have to be mindful of the context that propaganda that was spread about Jews being greedy controllers and hoarders of society’s wealth before you speak when you’re on the pedestal that Kanye is on. He’s alway talking about how powerful his voice is, and he’s right. I wish he would be more aware of his ability to do damage to innocent people when he uses his voice recklessly.


    How is grouping together people and making generalizations that there all the same (good, bad, powerful, corrupt, evil, righteous, holy,smart, dumb, rich, poor, inferior, superior) wrong when its one group of people, but acceptable when its another? Either generalizing people based off their appearance/ethnicity/gender/belief is wrong all the time or acceptable all the time, its up to us as a whole to decide and up to future generations to deal with…