• Ben

    Who the fuck is king Louie???? So many rappers shitty rappers! Mixtspes killed real rap!

    • KLOU

      how old are you son? mixtapes made real rap.

      • Ben

        27 older than you and mix tapes and the internet made way for plethora of shitty rappers. When I was younger only good rappers mixtapes were made available.

        • IG-CLASSIC79

          It just made Music more broader if you ask me. Im 34 and I disagree I think mixtapes are a very dope way to connect with your fanbase. I work with Lawless Inc that houses King Louie and he is very very dope for his fan base that we are reaching out to. You are 27 so you cant relate to it but I cant either but sold out show after sold 0ut show I watch and see the crowd sing his raps and sing the chrous. WE HERE !! And he is also nominated for a GRAMMY CO-WRITTEN “NEW SLAVES” Off the Yeezus album and you can also find him on track 10 Send It Up” in my brother DJ PHARRIS VOICE ” THIS IS CHICAGO NIGGA “

  • whipp

    lol u aint neva heard this song from lass year bruh? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLlOGZg3hP0

  • aram