• BillyBobJohn

    Still SHIT

  • sam

    dope verse from drizzy and we all know who he’s talking about don’t need to say name.

  • vomit

    more of the same

  • AJX

    if Drizzy had the intention to address Kendrick on this verse.. that was weak.. he should’ve spent more time on writing that verse.. if it was just another feat verse.. its alright i guess…

    • haann

      Drake did exactly what he had to do. He didnt have to make a full diss record or name kendricks name. All he had to is acknowledge whats going on and throw a couple bars back. Drakes in a position where hes so big he doesnt really need this beef it does nothing for him

  • ualreadykno

    i wont believe this kendrick vs drake sht real till he got sherane in a video on some shit.. then thee entertainment begins… till then that verse was useless

    • ThaRealHater


      • ualreadykno

        fuck u talkn bout

  • Roc

    Kendrick won.

  • Harold Douglas II

    He mighta just got kilt by juicy j. Need a Relisten. Lol.

  • E

    Drake verse killed but what a waste on this future track.. he is the worst

  • Adam Arsenal

    Drake killed it as usual, incredible how he can just switch his flow up.

  • errit

    I think he was talking about lamar and yes drizzy killed him

    • SpaceGhost

      …….Really? Don’t be so sincerely full…of….SHIT. Heck, Juice had the best verse, period. For the record, KENDRICK HAS YET TO BE FADED. Don’t make me send you to that new Beats commercial with Dr. Dre and K. Dot.

      • errit

        i heard the beats commercial with dr dre and k.dot i think it needs drizzy on it because we all know drizzy would murk that dre beat with a hook and a verse. drizzy is a human hit factory.

        • Bmore

          That’s the greatest joke ever told.

    • djeternity

      Killed him? the nigga didn’t even say his name lol

    • Killed him? the nigga didn’t even say Kendrick’s name. a subliminal diss, how fucking corny smmfh

      • guest

        Like he said. “if a niggas say my name he tha hot shit, if i say the nigga name he still tha hot shit fucked up” and you guys over talmbout name drops

        • Lame lol he did the same thing with common. I wanna hear names. They need to just battle it out.

  • JoeB94

    RapRadar petty as fuck takin shots at Drake in the description “Can AUBREY turn shit into sugar” they still mad Drake renegaded Ross on Stay Schemin smh

  • IamRealTalk-BdotLivesWithDad


  • titus tucker

    If this is the best shit niggas got… I feel sorry 4 em…lmao #TDE— dangeroo kipawaa TDE (@dangerookipawaa) December 17, 2013

    • tlox

      TDE sensitive for this…smh he didn’t drop a name immature/premature response to Drake

    • haann

      Fuck TDE

  • A Hunnit

    Juicy J know how to ruin a song

    • fuck drake 1time

      what the fuck u sayin u lil piece of shit respect the OG, he killed way more than that pussy ass fake ass nigga drakey aka fuck boi

  • Neal

    Definitely was talking bout Kendrick http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=N7blWPL-WYo

  • HPtay

    So we’r just gonna give Drake all the props and not admit Juicy had a better verse? cool

  • G

    TDE tweet was lame as f
    Drake killed his verse it would have made a bigger impact if he did it on his own song and not on a song by wack ass future
    Drizzy owned 2011-2013 and is prolly gonna take over 2014 but Kendrick still had a better album with GKMC and will get the grammy over drake (unless macklemore gets it)

    • Drake didn’t kill anything, it was a subliminal diss nothing special.

      • rafa

        just like when Kendrick dropped his subliminal diss at the bet awards cypher?

        • Tyam

          But he was already talking about drake & the other rappers he named in control, he wasn’t dissing them. He was saying get on top of your game because trying to be the best MC won’t be easy because he wants to be the best. The usual soft ass drake comes out & gets heart-broke because he was mentioned & supposedly drops a diss from what y’all want to call it & he does this 4 months. He should of did this within the first couple days or at least the first week. Took him so long to try and think of a comeback & it still wasn’t even close, not even a little. J.Cole, Eminem & Kendrick are in the TOP 5 of the best HIP HOP MC’s thats out right now.

        • Kendrick said the title of Drake’s album so everyone knew who he was talking about. Drake didnt name anything pointing to kendrick and Tyam right Drake took the whole situation wrong way the control verse wasn’t even a diss it was more like a shoutout

    • GreenBergs

      macklemore is receiving that grammy..gays will always prevail

    • 4weeks

      Macklemore or Drizzy will get it. People like looking over Kendrick.

  • Bkmkj

    Juicy bodied this shit…drake did his thang too…but drake my nigg just sticc to making ya emo raps kendricc will body ya ass its not even close dont do it to yaself…

  • Phil

    Drake gon have you guys talking a lot when all 5 records drop

  • Mani

    FINALLY Drake responds… a little late man. Kendrick still won.. nice verse tho

  • Real Talk

    Y’all still believe to rap diss in end of 2013 ??? Drake and Kendrick are friends and they are laughing at all of you taking this commercial beef in serious

  • minnie

    Agree with top dawg. Ish was wack. Kendrick really got the game locked lyrically and acclaim wise. Nothing Was The Same dropped a few weeks back, but are people still talking about it? When GKMC dropped, I remember the internets going crazy. Idk yo

    • haann

      lmao many people are still talking about NWTS. Kendrick does not have the game locked with an album that came out over a year ago. Try again Kendrick stans..

      • fullyautomatic

        Aubrey fan boy lol FOH

        • Devin Ancrum

          It’s just common sense you don’t have to like either to see it.

  • HBLocal714

    I like drake but his verse was wack

  • Shenny_Ron


  • eastpointvet

    like the original it sends the club in a frenzy at least in atlanta it does. but juicy def had the best verse drizzy was ok and the subliminal were ok

  • NovaKaine

    Drake tried to pull a j Cole but fails miserably


  • fullyautomatic

    Shit was horrible lol FOH son…Aubrey c’mon man

  • Supreme

    just a question was anything drake said in his verse a lie ? sounds like a regular drake verse on every song he’s feat on he goes in . and of course top dogg is gonna say its wack kendrick is there drake of the label lol

  • HipHop236

    When you evaluate the verses there is a clear difference in content. In Kendricks control verse all you hear is “I’m the best, I’m competitive, I’m going for number one” nothing about it is even a diss. In The Drake verse you can hear the specifics. One thing about Drake is that he has the record to back up his claims of being #1. He’s going in about his shoe deal, the clear difference in wealth, his status and why he refuses to elevate another artist by mentioning him. If you honestly believe Kendricks “diss” was better, please explain. Alot of hoopla and screaming and name dropping for the sake of attention, versus a clear factual comparison for comparison sake in Drakes verse. Drake doesn’t need to win in a verse by verse match off. Drake is winning regardless. His stats put him way out of Kendricks league and unless KDot can back his statements up as Drake can, its all just clever wordplay to gas little hip hop heads up. Point blank Drake’s verse is better, Drake’s music is better, Drake’s record/financials/impact are BETTER. Kendrick is just so gassed up right now he can’t even acknowledge how disloyal and conniving it was to even mention Drake in Control… Drake put you on little nigga, sit back down…..

  • DoinTooMuch

    Dope…But Tip and Schoolboy Q bout to MURK this shit tho!

  • WhatYouNeed
  • GreenBergs

    lol drake and kendrick beefing is super moist…cut it out before it starts felllas

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  • deadross

    its honestly apples and oranges if you think about it.
    kendrick snapped lyrically with his sparatic eminem style lyrics on a new york type beat
    and drake straight stunted on kendrick with some hard 808’s which will (hit the club scenes/ everyone will rock to) and said some true facts like how “hes killing every artist with the hooks” and basically was stating hes a big dawg you cant take him down so easily. if this is a real rap beef. they both will win

  • Buck Cannon ♏ #LAR

    I dont fuck with Juicy J that much but he clearly smashed this hoe. Drake verse was an average subliminal drake stunt on yo ass verse. But drake spit facts. Kendrick still that nigga but its “Cole over all”

  • asmith0609

    Yall say this is wack but watch how quick this blows up

  • Dutch

    Drizzy got next. Hov about the pass the torch.

  • jew world order

    juicy j made a better album than wale and now juicy spat a better verse than drake

    • GUEST

      you’re just stupid

  • jay z i 44 years OLD

    THIS aint no subliminal or diss to kendrick


  • jay z i 44 years OLD

    drake is a RnB nigga he’s a pop tart he can rap he aint a real MC

    fuck all the fake hype. real recognise real

  • rob

    drake sounds even more obnoxious on this track than he normally does…doesn’t sound like the mastered version…i don’t think it’s possible to fix Future’s chorus

  • Not feeling it

  • poboy112

    JUICY J MURDERED DRAKE, surprisingly. He was getting off like he was back in three 6.

  • Tyam

    Listen To The Lyricism & Flow Of Kendrick, Listen To The Big Words He Uses, Listen To The Word Play Then Listen To Drake Simple Rhyme Scheme & Simple Word Play. Look How Big Of A Talk Kendrick Is, Look How 95% Of Rappers Get Paranoid & Offended When He Steps To Any Track Now. Look At How Drake Took The Two Songs That Were Featuring Kendrick Lamar Off Of His Album Because He Knew, LYRICALLY HE’S NOT FUCKING WITH KENDRICK! Why Take Off The Two Songs With Kendrick Lamar? Either He Knew Kendrick Killed Them Tracks, So He Took Removed Them Of NWTS Or Drake Got Heart-broke & Took Them Off NWTS.

  • I actually like the original more than these crappy remixes

  • YoungN’

    “DOPAMINE” SHOT IN HARLEMWORLDUSA !!!!! youtube.com/watch?v=atNMyKy4VhE VISIT http://www.YOUNGN757.com !!!!!!!!!!!!! #C8S

  • GreenBergs

    i wanna see kendrick ether drake so bad..since he’s always compared to nas

  • Brian Canady

    So folks going to just forget about how drake and kendrick have had songs together and drake went harder on both like joe budden said (f*kin problems and poetic justice) and also folks just forgetting about the lyrics on NWTS that all could be aimed at kendrick (worse behavior and the language) regardless if its a couple lines in many songs with no names we all know they reference or apply to kendrick from drakes perspective. Kendrick had a verse not dissing drake just said his name he used his name to up his song basically. then he had his bet cypher. in my opinion drake still is winning in this “beef” we have heard multiple lines from drake referenced at kendrick with no reply. and to be honest kendrick needs to be worrying about j cole the way he spazzed at him telling him he aint never need nobody like kdot needed dre on the TKO Remix that j cole was on. them two is who will be the upcoming battle of the #2 slot drake holding down #1 of the new school. and k dot really gotta chill on best emcee he nowhere near jayz 3 stacks or em. so just put out a good size category of tracks before you start making that claim.

  • BG23

    If Kendrick responds to this, it isn’t going to be subliminal anymore. Drake doesn’t just want this beef, he NEEDS this beef to solidify his lyrical prowess in the game. Future sounds like shit. Juicy killed it of course.

  • Will

    Yall need to understand this isn’t Drakes best rap. He is just having fun hahahaha

  • HBLocal714

    Drakes verse was dope

  • De’Sean Allen-Eikens