New Music: Wale “Walk ‘N Live”

walk n live

Got A Temper, Cry Me A River.

Wale’s been the talk of the town lately. But this evening, the rude bwoy takes his aggressive tone to the mic on his new track produced by DJ Relly Rel.


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  • Guest
  • Shit was garbage no hate #fact

  • Good Kid Mad Mad World

    Dope shit wit bars but since not liking Wale is the cool thing, ill just say its trash

    • DatPrettyMF

      wut u mean? didnt u see how he spazzed on people at complex? artist or not the shit was straight wack…wale lost big time

      • Good Kid Mad Mad World

        Okay? He spazzed what does that have to do with the songs? lol

      • LuckyP757

        you forever lost in life just for saving that avi

  • Bibby

    Wale is saying is hard shit in the verse but that flow is is distracting and makes it hard to follow. While I respect the willingness to take risk and experiment with new flows I am not a fan, Still a fan of Wale and what he does for the culture

  • brza

    this is bad

  • Top5iveAlive
  • Ghandi


  • poetic assasin

    Wale is a beast, but people don’t want to think

  • Matt

    Yo for real? you rapping on a mobbstyle beat? wale is wack

  • Green Eggs

    this guy has a lot of insight on science, physics, life and what have you

  • YoungN’


  • Babblelonius11

    Wale is on another level and people need to wake up and stop askin for their raps to be spoon fed to them. Stop being ignorant and learn how to process what dude is sayin. THINK!!! Its what separates us from the other species!!!

  • Shenny_Ron

    I see you Wale.

  • Just another Internet thug

    Meek mill was in the studio with wale like. It’s not hot if it don’t sound like you yelling in your verses lol.”

  • Jeff Eastland (First Dirt ™)

    Dope. Wale did his thing.
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  • ODB

    its gets messy from here folks, yall hating on the homie for no reason!! These niggas is steak dinners now.. Rap Genius break this down for the half steppers Move Em’

  • Zay

    This is good. Flow is kinda off but the bars are there fashion!

    • Zay


  • Chronic

    that flow did not go with the beat…wasn;t even like purposefully offbeat. just sounds like wale did a spoken word rap and thye just put a beat behind it

  • Charles

    It’s a FREESTYLE it doesn’t have to be on beat. It’s not a commercial rap song it’s pure emotion. He don’t care if you don’t like his flow because it’s a FREESTYLE. Damn this is so obvious