New Video: Lostarr Ft. Yo Gotti x Meek Mill “Rags 2 Riches”

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Started From The Bottom.

Coming up from rags to riches is the American dream. And with Yo Gotti and Meek Mill’s assistance, Mississippi’s Lostarr turns his into reality. Off his Overworked and Underpaid coming in 2014.

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  • LoEnd404


    • Silas

      I met Quack years ago on the road with Bohagon and Lil Jon. I see he still fucking around in the industry.

      • TripleCupRyder23

        aint herd frum lil jon in gud meenite lol

        • JTMusic

          Lil Jon is busy making pop music btw!

          • StreetFly19

            Chappelle Show took him to another level and he aint looked back. He got rid of the Eastside Boys and been caking big time ever since. WHAT?! OKAAAYYY!!!

          • TripleCupRyder23

            i need sum proof on dis. Las time i seen lil jon in ATL he luk lik a nerd. no ice and with lame glasses

          • JTMusic

            do your research he behind the scenes making moolah. he took the clown suit off is all.

  • DJ Coganc

    This cat is about to be outta here!!!! Mark my words.

  • Zone4Hustler

    Breathe of fresh air.

    • Janis323

      i fee u

  • BandoTooly3

    Damn never heard this. Catchy hook and Meek merked his verse.

  • WhiteMike43

    wouldnt want to run into LoStarr on a dark alley. he spitting some real nicca shit.

    • SprattaG

      dam I was thinking the same shit. dude look like he dont play. lol

  • KaMaiN99

    how did I miss this??? going HAM!

    • Denise01

      LoStarr popped up on Worldstar awhile ago. This was so long ago he might be finished already. He run the town for sho though. Meridian!

  • Pothead Alien

    i am feeling dis. Yo Gotti is the man! Bout to listen to dis Lostarr mix tape

    • Oracle

      He on LiveMixtapes too. How did I not hear about him?

      • spitts

        He wasnt on the front page. smh. FAIL.

  • Mac Marley

    Mississippi got some shit boi

  • Pharaoh

    Meek sound hungry on this thang…

    • Tre$ide

      sound like subliminals to me.

      • Pharaoh

        wat you mean?

        • Tre$ide

          Meek saying these rappers like twice his age let a young one shine. All that sound like he coming at his boss to me. I could be reading too much in it but I dont think so.

          • Pharaoh

            He shooting at someone for sure.

          • ColonelTDot

            Meek Mill dissing either Rick Ross or Jay Z. Listen to the end of his verse. Probably figured since its a feature nobody would hear it then the shit pop up on RapRadar smh

  • SavageOG

    The Sip slipped in. Never seen a Sippi artist on rapradar except for Krit. Nikka We Made It!

  • CodySwagga

    Chek Lo Starr and Young Scooter. Anotha hot one on rap radar.

    • HipHopIsDEAD

      Young Scooter is garbage

  • Polix210

    This nigga a goon. No doubt it.

    • Militia88

      If Yo Gotti and Meek Mill will stand next to em he must be a real one. Yo Gotti dont just feature with anybody. Real shit.

  • TumainiB

    This reminds me of the 90s. I dont like the singing on the hook. LoStarr couldnt be from whereever Soulja Boy’s from. Seem like a true thoroughbred. No dick riding. DONT HATE ON MY OPINION!

  • WiseGuy


  • BigMo

    seem like he got a lot a plenty hood stories. would rather see him with ALL down south artists instead of Meek Millie. But Meek went this hardest on this joint.

    • Sincere

      this sound like typical trap rap to me. Different rapper same story. Sold drugs, started rapping, stopped selling drugs, now he is rocking with Meek Mill. How many times can we hear this same bs narrative from these south MCs. Trinidad James got the nerve to insult NY. The south is killing hip hop, everybody but Krit.

      • BigMo

        How is the south killing hip hop. It’s not the south fault that NY keep biting down south rappers. You cant hear the pain in this man voice, that type of ish touches mfs. Everybody for NY is damn battle rapper so what are you realliy saying. Trinidad James said the truth, ATL run NY hip hop cause they run the radio. Cmon man stop hating

        • Sincere

          First of all Trinidad James got sonned by the KOB Maino! Unlike you down south rappers who run and hide and hug and be GAY, we hold hip hop to a higher standard. Never forget hip hop was birthed in the Bronx! Once it got out everyone has been taking it and fucking it up! NYC Stand Up!

          • Sincere

            And I don’t have no reason to hate on a bunch of fake broke gay ass rappers like Young Thug, yall hating on y’all selves with yall whack ass autotune songs and acting like everyone from the south is hot. Slick Rick, KRS One, Rakim, DMX, LL Cool J, Public Enemy this is what hip hop is about and nobody has the same lame trap rap story. History lesson for you.

          • BIgMo

            You seem like some south niggas took yo bitch or something.

  • YayArea


  • VallejoJon


  • Marlo


  • Marlo

    LoStarr is album might be fire

    • BeeG

      Underpaid and Overworked!

    • BigC

      yea if he got features like Yo Gotti and Meek Mill all over it. Dont knw if I could listen to this rap style for an entire album. No hate just real.

  • 745LI

    i wanna see a movie about LoStarr bet it would be the shit

  • RottenAppleNY

    a buch of country goons. wonder how Meek Mill ran into these bumpkins

  • ZoePoundMIA

    Florida would feel this

  • Victoriouz


    • SalineBoss

      people will always find a reason to hate on something they dont understand. some people you can just tell they real. Average?! i DISAGREE i think this song is knocking

  • tupacD


    • debo155

      its great

  • Jacoby

    “did some shit I never did befo!” Rocking!

  • Rowdier67

    Seen them in the A at the studio. They moving like tight unit. Hear they got alot BIG shit about to pop off. Yall got my attention

  • 1901

    song is decent

  • 1901

    A for Effort, lol. Should’ve been Meek song

  • TeamDoubleCup

    got the street in a frenzy. believe it or not

    • JacktownKris

      LoStarr aint no rapper he a street dude who rap. Already heard a few stories. Listen close he dropping game.

  • Lacton

    listened to this 15 times in a row. Hats off to everybody on the record. Yo Gotti tried the hardest, LoStarr did it effortless and Meek had something on his chest.

  • OPP

    everybody got ICE except for LoStarr clearly aint got no check up. Yo Gotti wearing plenty ice, he wouldnt even stand around them other dudes look like

  • badNewsBear59

    we’ll see if he cook or if he just get bored with the industry and gracefully bow out

  • Seder43

    i like it.

    • CrackTracks

      cause u a fuckboy who wouldnt know talent if it bit you in butt. #wemadeit

  • OVOsFinest

    Lostarr just started but he on his way from the looks of it. RR dont usually post new dudes unless they signed or about to blow. I expect to hear alot more outta LoStarr

  • TOnyG

    could be the next Fif

  • UziTechkid

    this video dont even have a storyline. and you can tell they shot meek and yo gotti somewhere else. probably didnt want to hang with this dude LoStarr he looking like stone cold killer

  • 404Lolo

    I think I saw him perform somewhere in Atlanta could be confusing him with one of the D4L rappers.

  • justice


  • ItalianDon8

    wondering if he gonna be free long enough to enjoy his fame. lot of informants in the game now!

  • GucciBoss

    Raw street hip hop

  • Ferron08

    I didnt like it because Lo Starr seem to happy to be hanging out with Meek and Yo Gotti. He smiling and shit. smh