• Ddot

    Just blaze was the right move

    • krow132

      the best move for them indeed

    • Extra Domus

      The beat is mostly produced by Cardiak, if you feel this beat check out all his shit…i.e. groundhog day by eminem

  • Jburg


  • Vest

    Insaneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Dararei daririrareeei

  • disqus_SJNSg4LMQI



    Goooooddamn! This is crazy good!!!

  • Extra Domus

    Cardiak is one of the best producers right now…

    • Extra Domus

      you can tell Cardiak produced most of this shit…Blaze prob mixed and added the guitar, and synth

  • Shady

    that was DOPE!!!

  • GreenBergs

    so i’m assuming shady’s pr team isn’t just hyping this up in the comments…?bout to listen…
    edit: just blaze sure can make one hell of a diff. jesus christ.

  • room2roam


    • slaughterfuckinghouse

      dont think so…

  • shady

    No you ain’t getting no bitches, you busy being one ! Slaughterhouse is the illest in the game

  • Peekay

    dudes got busy with their swears on this one!


    I support anything these dude put out


    damnnn joell again and again


    Cardiak for sure, Just apparently just “co-produced” this, this is good for now I guess, waiting to see Just blaze impact on the album, Em needs to sit down, last time he fucked their album up, but they need to face it, mainstream success is not for them, they need to feed their base and that s it

  • The Almighty


  • Jeff Eastland (First Dirt ™)

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  • GreenBergs

    too bad you never get a second first impression…

  • Chronic

    Here we fuckin go…what the last album should’ve sounded like…em really did fuck up these guys style. Hope this one sounds like the first album, shit was one of my favorite albums ever

  • Judge Dredd

    Slaughter fucking house…. this is what I expect from these dudes. FIRE.

  • Matthew Morgan

    They all will slaughter you at your house…..Slaughter House

  • krow132

    yeah this is fire

  • slaughterfuckinghouse

    yesss slaughterhouse sounding more like they used to

    i still see room for improvement but i least i can bump this

    our house was unbumpable

  • Chronic

    And Royce was definitely takin shots at kanye and/or drake

  • 2InchKilla

    YES!! FIRE!

    They’re back to their old style!

  • Patrick Wiley

    I like this track, so don’t get me wrong and freak out, but if these guys want to have any “staying power” they are going to need to stop rapping about how they are more lyrical and talented and different than everyone else and start rapping about “something”. Their last album, which had some tracks I really enjoyed and some production that I actually found quite Crisp mixed within a bunch of trashy ones, was a strange amalgamation of “we made it”, “we are better”, and “somber”.

    • Jay

      I know what you mean, still dope af tho.

  • Noury Asfar