New Video: Freddie Gibbs “Deuces”


Freddie’s Got A Gun.

Under the direction of ESGN Films’, Danny Manhattan, we follow Gangsta Gibbs as he cautiously makes moves from Gary, IN to the Chi. Say hello to the bad guy.

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    Never got into that dude’s music, then again I was never big on 2pac and Ja Rule’s music

    • fullyautomatic

      Must b a Drake fan boy huh FOH


        You sick in your fucking mind, if you got Freddie Gibbs in your throat that s your problem, I don t fuck with his weak,music, face it lil bitch, i d rather listen to J.Cole at least he got his own shit

  • Viva La Raza

    this goes hard, Gibbs got killer hooks & a killer flow

  • Guest

    Biggest Celebrity Scandals of 2013! What a raunchy year.

  • nirusxhonda

    cool video..nice song…Biggest Celebrity Scandals of 2013! What a raunchy year.

  • onenutned
  • CTE_General

    Trash Juice…Chop Beat was good..but this nigga is garbage..YG is way better…DBC DoughboyCashout will ether this dude! Sound like Jeezy fuckboy..stick to your own style..Stop stealing Jeezy flow and chorus line swag…

  • Toni Strandman

    LMAO at people sayin Gibbs is garbage. Dont hate.. If it aint yo type of music I feel you but he aint nowhere near garbage. #facts