Wale On Juan Epstein

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The Gift & The Curse.

After appearing on the morning show, Folarin appeared on Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds podcast. Here’s a summary of the episode.

An “interesting” Wale appearance on Juan ep. We have a bit of therapy with the DC native to figure out his anger about the Complex issue and a lot more. It’s a weird path but we made some progress. Subscribe to Juan Ep on iTunes!

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  • hotzauce22

  • BillyBobJohn

    I wanna book Wale to read a poem at my grandmothers birthday

  • RTH

    holy shit Wale is like a child. I’d bug if i were Rosenberg, that’s straight disrespect. Sorry your album was weak homie, dont be mad at the jew

  • s

    dude just isnt that good. i;ve heard it all. I just want wale to slow it down a little and make more sense of his rhymes .. trust me i want him to do good


    Wale, you need to go tour Africa man, take the Akon route and be global homey, Nipsey should do the same, y’all got something over these niggaz, take advantage of the fact you African, Chamillionaire should be done it too, how about Styles P? Google it, they all africans

  • Viva La Raza

    homeboy seem childish…there are no excuses for being discourteous….all his antics make me dislike his music…

  • Guest
  • nirusxhonda

    wale a cool dude he just want the respect…Biggest Celebrity Scandals of 2013! What a raunchy year. http://superkicks88.yourlikes.com/biggest-celebrity-scandals-of-2013

  • YoungN’

    WATCH NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! “DOPAMINE” SHOT IN HARLEM WORLD USA youtube.com/watch?v=atNMyKy4VhE #C8S

  • blah

    5 minutes in and i stopped !!!!!!!!!!

  • kanye west

    wale = whack

  • Wale fan

    Why is Rosenburg so corny!!! Ugh the interview is messed up because he’s so upset that he didn’t respond to his text. Wow

  • the real Juan epstein

    Worst juan ep ever I made it 10min only for respect for rosenburg n cypha but I couldn’t hear this sht no more. He should be a spokesman for drugs, bet no kid will never do anything after hearing him speak